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The Oasis Huacachina is located 5km southwest from Ica and about 6 minutes’ drive. It is a small lagoon in the middle of an oasis and famous for the medicinal properties. Super landscape surrounded by high sandbanks, palm and Huarango trees “carob tree”. By the ends of the XIX century Huacachina was practically uninhabited, until the Italian Angela Perotti rediscovered the medical properties of the lagoon, especially for the cure of skin and rheumatism.  The huacachina is home to an extraordinary adventure tour called the dune buggy and sandboarding tour. This tour is both thrilling and jaw-dropping, transporting you deep into the desert to see the huge sand dunes on the coast. These ancient mountains of sand are beautiful and surreal.
oasis huacachina peru

Oasis huacachica: available only in private service: Salidas desde lima o Ica o Pisco.

Oasis Huacachica Itinerary

our Oasis Huacachina, sand boarding tours peru starts at 09:00 hours. we meet you at your hotel Ica. Then we start our city tour with a visit to some of the best museums in the south coast of Peru. This interesting museum displays a variety of archaeological pieces from highly developed cultures that lived in this part of Peru over 2000 years ago. In his installations wonderful fabrics belonging to the Paracas culture and a variety of colorful ceramics of the Nazca, Wari culture in Ica-Chincha is. This museum also houses human remains in excellent state of preservation, here will see bodies with tattoos, skull deformities and trophy heads. Our guide will take care of the place to show and explain about different cultures. Later visit an artisan winery where our liquor known as Pisco is made. In this place our local guide will take us on a tour of the winery and explain about the old method of making Pisco and wine. After the tour our guests can taste the different varieties of Pisco and this winery produces wine, and if desired can also purchase bottles of Pisco. Finally we head to the Oasis of Huacachina, which is located just 5 Km. at arrival you can enjoy the tranquility of the place and walk around looking for good photos and lunch in one of the restaurants.

After Lunch and some time to relax we start the second part of our tour, half the tour is riding in the dune buggy, up and down the dunes at fast speeds. And the other half of the tour is a chance to try the adventure sport of “sandboarding”. This is just like snowboarding, but instead of snow you will be boarding on the fine-grained sand of the desert. If you aren’t athletically talented, no problem! Just lay on your stomach on the board, and go “sand sledding”. This is faster, lots of fun, and doesn’t require any patience or ability. The dune buggy and sandboarding tour is an amazing thrill ride. But this is more than just a thrill ride: the gigantic sand dunes are beautiful, surreal and mesmerizing. A tour into the desert feels like an “out of this world” experience, almost like visiting the surface of another planet, after this amazing experience we drive you back to your hotel in Pisco.

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Peru Shamanic Retreats, Cusco Shamanic wedding, and shamanic rituals are part our authentic programs, that takes you in touch with the magic world of the Incas. It is a path that helps you to find sense of truth of the existence. Our Shamanic Retreats, are as old as the same life; some people may know it as well as shamanic rituals. The Andean traditional medicine are the most hidden knowledges of the Andean Priests “inca priests decendants”, or Shamans are able to share with you their legacy. Find the answer to the fundamental questions of your soul.
All the old cultures in the world emphasized, their knowledge in to the esoteric world, cultures such as: Egypt, India, China, Persia and Rome, in the American continent, Mayas and Aztecs in the north, the Incas in the South America also were deeply immersed in shamanism. As in the past, now a days. The retreats with the shamans is still present in the entire Andes region, where the knowledge is still present and we have masters who knows how to manage. These rituals are usually know as: shamanic rituals. We offer Sacred Coca Leaf Reading ceremony, Meditation and cleansing in old Inca sanctuaries, Gratefulness Offerings to the inca deities and mother earth, Andean marriages “spiritual union, Natural engagement”, Wachuma or San Pedro Drinking “mescaline beverage ceremony”, Pilgrimages to Sacred Sanctuaries, Ayahuasca Retreat “vine of soul drinking”, An amazon medicine drinking ceremony, etc. that are part of Our Peru Shamanic Retreats.

Peru Shamanic Retreats, with authentic shamans

In the Old Peruvian Cultures the creator God “Wiracocha” is the supreme lord. In his infinite love and leverage to all the creation, gave to man freedom of election and be able to elect between good or bad, but also provided the intelligence and capacity to use universal laws on his favor. Came to Peru and be part of the shamanic retreats, where our Andean priests will show you the path. Here is a list of some of our unique, Peru shamanic retreats and ceremonies that are organized entirely by: “Inka Challenge Peru” and rituals performed by authentic and experienced Cusco Peru Shamans.

Sacred Coca Leaf Reading ceremony. (Sacred Coca Leaf Reading ceremony “future telling or advice to take the better path.)
Meditation and cleansing in old Inca sanctuaries.
Gratefulness Offerings to the Andean deities and mother earth.
Andean marriages (spiritual union, Natural engagement).
Wachuma or San Pedro Drinking “mescaline beverage ceremony.
Pilgrimages to Sacred Sanctuaries.
AAyahuasca Retreat “vine of soul”, Andean amazon medicine drinking ceremony.

Sacred Coca Leaf Reading ceremony: “future telling or advice to take the better path” This ritual is essential in the andean life. Ceremony that consists in a prior enquire using the sacred coca leaf, an enquire to the andean deities where the answer are decoded by our shaman in order to diagnose the person luck and seek a possible solution in: Health, work, and Love. This ceremonies can be organized in a Group or individually. Where can it be done? This Ceremonies can be done it your hotel room, our office or for a better result in a sacred sanctuary.

Meditation and cleansing in old Inca sanctuaries: Cusco was the center of the inca culture, and they used to say it is the universe, maybe not as the geological location but it may have being the center of the energy in the world, it is a perfect for our shamanic retreats. The temples they built has being carefully selected, at every energetic points, they built precious shrines, sites where correlated with the constellations, and aligned with the solstices, equinoxes, etc. Our Peruvian shamanic retreats are taking place at these places, we can meditate and reach the peace that the souls seeks. As locals we know this places and we can brings you to non-tourist places for better result. Cusco’s extraordinary legacy of magic and mysticism is perfect for meditating and do pilgrimages to this Sacred Sanctuaries.

Gratefulness Offerings to the Andean deities and mother earth: The Gratefulness or offering ceremonies are the way how peruvians say thank you, to the natuire for all the benefits they receive in this life, benefits such as: Health, abundance in their livestock, good agricultural production and businesses now a days, the offerings to the mother earth has a fundamental meaning between the man and the andean deities such as: Apu “holly mounts”, lakes rivers, the sun, the moon, and shrines that are in the earth, out on the upper world, or the mother earth. The offerings are symbolic way in which the man gives back to the nature what he/she has given to the man. The main objective is the re-establishment of the reciprocity between the human being and nature; this are continuous rituals from the old time up to now. Our andean masters are in charge or this rituals, that are done in sacred sanctuaries.

Andean Shamanic Wedding (spiritual union “marriage”, Natural engagement): the shamanic wedding is a ceremony thorough a spiritual way, you are coupled forever. The shaman is in charge of the ceremony and the sacred coca leafs are the main ingredient and precious gift that is given to the Andean deities that will pour their blessings. You will be involved in direct relation in our mysticism and Andean traditions where, while the shaman makes the union, the andean music will escort the ceremony and give even a magic touch to your weeding, this rituals takes place in our secred ols inca shrine.

Wachuma or San Pedro Drinking “mescaline beverage ceremony: San Pedro beverage “The Miracle Healer”, for internal spiritual cleaning using an ancient plant (Echinopsis pachanoi), this sacred cactus is the visionary teacher, our ancient masters used this plant from unmemorable times. It helps us to heal our internal chakras, stay in spiritual valance, to learn and awaken, and assists us in reaching higher states of consciousness, it also improves your visionary power which, can help you to let go of “the illusions of the world” and attract the positivism in your life. There are two ways to take part in this ceremony, during the day, or during the night, the effect take from 8 to 10 hours.

Ayahuasca Retreat “vine of soul” Andean amazon medicine drinking ceremony: Our traditional Ayahuasca retreat “VINE OF SOUL” is led by one of our expert indigenous healers. This ceremony is for people into self-discovery that can lead them in a spiritual awakening. The sacred medicine plant known as the vine of soul has been used since immemorial times, knowledge passed by generations are still our strongest medicine to help people from all over world. But before taking this ceremony you need to follow a strict diet that we will let you for before and after ceremony, the Cusco Peru Shamanic Retreats is absolutely leaded by an autentic expert Peruvian Shaman.

Most of our ceremonies can be arranged just a day on advance, but let us to know on advance, because our priests live far away from cusco city so we need to request them to come to the city at least 01 day on advance.
if you want more info about our Cusco shamanic wedding, Shamanic Retreats, write us, we will feedback ASAP.

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Our Company is called INKA CHALLENGE PERU, our mind is to keep fit and help people to get fit. Thinking on it, we have programs that will help you to reduce weight. It is known that a good exercise followed by correct diet is the best way to lose weight, and the other one is a beauty Doctor. Lest forget the last part and bring yourself in a wonder word where lose weight and exercise is not a work!! Is more than that, our weight loss trekking peru, is a program that brings you to enjoy Peruvian scenic places in a fitness hiking program. Enjoy hiking by the natural sanctuaries to the archaeological park of Machu Picchu, the program includes visit to inca sites where time woes on better way.
Take our weight loss trekking peru, fitness hiking peru programs, and reduce your weight, while visiting interesting places such as machu picchu. We have nutritionists and expert guides to make it possible: we are Weight Loss Trekking Peru operator.

Weight loss trekking peru – Fitness hiking cusco

Get fit and lose weight in the Andes, the incas heart-land Cusco Peru. Imagine to wake up in a beautiful landscape, have healthy breakfast full of energy and starts perfect outdoors program for losing extra pounds accumulated during the holidays, this is best point start fitness program that shifts your metabolism from storing fat to burning fat. Integrating high level cardio activities with sound nutrition and detox principles you can see results ranging from substantial weight loss to dramatic increases in fitness, energy and vitality. “Leave it all behind you” Experience yourself as the strong, healthy, vibrant person you’ve always known you are. Let us guide you to that person, all it takes is an investment in yourself.

Your fit path.- in our fitness hiking and trekking programs, you will experience an active full day nature fun and supporting this program is delicious andean foot low, such as quinoa (cero fat all protein), maize or corn “cero fat” amaranth “all protein”, alpaca meat “white meat and low in fat”, delicious breakfast, with fruits and Andean products, adding to this therapeutic massages is like luxurious camping that will drive you to lose many pounds.

Fitness Hiking Programs in the Andes

Fitness: Highly structured day, early morning exercise before breakfast, about 6 – 7 hours trekking, Andean culture history classes, and medicine plants usage to reduce fat.

Nutrition: Delicious calorie-controlled cuisine, local and organic products used for best vitality and energy, naturally cleaning food to assist in de-toxin the body, designed to balance blood sugar and stimulate metabolism, education provided for healthy eating patterns at home.

De-toxin, and distress: Natural hot spring in some camp grounds, therapeutic massages, natural environment providing nurturing and quiet space to aid in deep sleep and rest, gradual physical exercise, Unique landscapes and the world’s most biodiversity country is what you will find in Cusco – Peru, glaciers, lakes, rivers, cloud forest, lush valleys, highlands and great inca buildings for meditations and a great opportunity to renew, recharge and rejuvenate. Each day brings a different landscape with different elevations to challenge you.

You will experience about 9.0 lbs loss in our first week for men and 5.7 pounds for women. That amounts to 5.7 lbs and 4.2 lbs of fat burned for the men and women respectively! These treks are leaded by knowledgeable guides, professional therapy massage specialists, and dietarian cook.

It is just regular trekking programs we have, but to this some details such as food makes a big difference.
Your will need to build your physical abilities to progress in hiking. If you have never really hiked before then prepare your body for the challenges that lie ahead and start out slowly. If you are a great swimmer and you think that you are in great condition and could easily trek for hours on end, you can be wrong. Trekking up-and downhill on varying terrains and conditions are pretty specific fitness exercises that strain your body in ways that it may not be used to. Even if you are used to walking strapping a 30-pund back pack will suddenly change your entire experience.
Our loss weight trekking program in peru lies in slow but steady progress. There no fun in draining yourself to the point of collapse. We have a complete programs followed by organic food, what the body need and there is provided a relax day just at the camp site with non-walk to recover energy. Remember that we are trekking for health so, it’s alright to push your boundaries but not too far. Everything set on obtainable and measurable goals, and it is part of our enjoyment and we are going to visit out site city, our programs can be set up from 01 week to more, and as a king of hiking degree we are going to visit Machu Picchu. Book this tours as Weight Loss Trekking Peru.

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The condor soar watching cusco in our ultimate program. The condor is the world’s largest flying bird “Vultur Gryphus” and in can reach the highest elevation for prolonged periods, it can reach up to 7000 meters, this beautiful bird was under endanger situation, and it is being recovered very slowly from that situation. It is rare to see these specimens in countries like Argentina, Chile, Bolivia or Ecuador, whereas in Peru are often seen in the Andes and a place where you can see them for sure is Cusco region over the Apurimac canyon.

One of the places very Promoted to see the soar of the majestic condor is the Colca Canyon in Arequipa Peru, but seeing them with 100% certainty in a natural habitat, is only achieved in the Apurimac canyon “the highest canyon in the world”, this canyon is born in the Cusco region, and serves as a natural border between Cusco and Apurimac Region. To reach the observatory of the condors soar, we take transportation to a small community called chonta which is at about 3,400 m and then walk along a beautiful mountain slope and reach the viewpoint of the condors.

Itinerary of our Condor Soar Watching in Cusco Peru

This wonderful condor soar watching cusco program starts with pickup at your hotel at 08 am, then we drive northwest of the city, passing through a beautiful flatland that provides dairy products to Cusco, then we arrive to a place where we take a road known only by the locals, on the way we pass through beautiful villages like Schuro and pampahuaylla, small villages that are far away from the main road, they spend grazing sheep, cattle and camels. After two hours in our private transport will reach a pass called Huacra Ccasa “step of the Horn”, a hill that looked from a distance appears to be the horns of a bull, this site is very panoramic, from the top we can see the majestic Salkantay and the surrounding mountains that seem to be the Titans of the Andes, then a zigzagging road leads downhill up to a picturesque village called Chonta.

Chonta belongs to a district called Limatambo, their houses are thatched and a few others with tile, in the central part has a small steeple and cross, which is said that underlie buried treasures of the Incas are kept, treasures that failed the hand of the Spaniards. From here we will walk an hour and a half, the road follows foothills of a mountain, gentle uphill and downhill paths and mostly flat, once close to the viewpoint of the condors we have to walk downhill by a narrow path, to reach the canyon of Apurimac “the highest canyon in the world.”

Arriving at the viewpoint of condors, a platform equipped with rocks, which was made by the inhabitants of chonta, serves to rest and wait patiently the Cusco condors that soars up from the bottom to the mountains, some of them will turn, They will come and go, while others will cross into the of Apurimac region, after our lunch box lunch and have enjoyed the majestic soar of the condors, we return to chonta by the same path. Once arrived, we will take our private transport, which will bring us back to Cusco, by the same route, arriving in the city at around 7 pm.

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Escorted Peru Tours, is our exclusive escort service with professional tours guides in Cusco and Peru, are the best way of providing a personalized service, where our guide will make sure you see all the splendors of Peru. A wide country as peru needs a local guide whose knowledge covers from the North of Peru with it’s jungle, the pacific beaches, Ballesta’s Island, Nazca Lines, Sacred Valley, Cusco, Machu Picchu, Inca trail, Arequipa, the amazing Colca Valley, and the highest navigable lake in the world, Lake Titicaca, especialy if you are looking for private peru tour guides.

All our guides are professional and certified expert in private peru tours.

Escorted Peru Tours for solo travelers, special groups who needs help.

Escorted Peru Tours, private peru tour guides in Cusco, Peru

Our exclusive escorted tours in Peru and Cusco, is the best way of providing a personalized service, where our guide will make sure you see all the splendors of Peru, a wide country as peru need a local guide whose knowledge covers from the North of Peru with it’s jungle, the pacific beaches, Ballista’s Island, Nazca Lines, Sacred Valley, Cusco, Machu Picchu, Inca trail, Arequipa, the amazing Colca Valley, and the highest navigable lake in the world, Lake Titicaca.
You can take our escorted tours in Peru as a regular tour, but for the best experience we highly recommend a private Inka Challenge Peru’s guide. The tour will be completely personalized, recommended for travelers who wish to program their excursions by themselves, the guide will provide the necessary and essential information to allow you a real experience while you travel in Peru. When arriving to each locality to get to know our personnel. Our escort tour guides will provide you all the required information in order to have a pleasant and safe stay in our country.

If after reading all our programs you are not satisfied and you really look something different, give as an idea of what you are interested on, we will taylor a personalized itinerary only for you.
If not sure what you want to do, or just take the day by day according how it comes, it is ideal that you can have a an escort tour guide along you’re staying in peru.

We offer you an escort person, someone who can wait you at the airport or any entrance site to Peru, this person will be your eyes and advisor or just someone to talk with. This person will take you to all places you want to visit. We have a professional skilled English speaking guides, who will help you translating the local language for your better understanding. Notice that this person could be your tour advisor and can make you a tour program if you request this.

Service mainly advised for solo travelers, especial people who needs help, but also is recommended for group traveler, such as large groups, travelers with children, ancient travelers. if you are coming to learn Spanish one of the best way is talking with someone in Spanish speaking all time, think of having a travel teacher, you will not only learn Spanish, also there is great opportunity to learn the Inca language quechua, the escort also provides safety at your shopping.

If you have questions or need more info about escorted Peru tours, do not hesitate, please contact us specifying your needs.

Machu Picchu Guided Tours, cusco escorted travel, escorted trekking tours.

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Maras Moray salt mines tour, part of our cusco day tours, the place is located in Maras district, which is one of the colonial towns that belongs to Urubamba province. This is one of our fantastic Cusco day tour, which at 60 kilometers from Cusco city, towards the north west of Cusco City. It is situated over a plain that in prehistoric times was a huge plateau. It is also one of the recommended places for biking tours. The place offers a wide view of Snow Mountains Such As: Wacay Willka (today “La Veronica”, 5682 m, 18641 ft.) & “Chicon” (5530 m, 18143 ft.). And sawa siray pitusiray mount. Mounts that for local people are holly. Our day tours brings you in a memorable tour, that involves culture, archaeology, and history, our expert guides will make sure you enjoy the maras moray salt mines tour. If you love mount biking we can also arrange it.

maras moray salt mines tour itinerary

Our maras moray salt mines tours begins at 08:00 am, our personnel will pass by your hotel to pick you up, the you will depart in a private tourist transport towards moray (we depart at 09:00am in our group service) along the way we will see some picturesque villages such as poroy which is train station for machu picchu, then chinchero. After about one hour we arrive to Moray, it’s an interesting archaeological site that belongs to the incas transfer from hotel and Drive to maras Town where you can see nice gateways narrow streets, then drive About 7 km. (4.3 miles) to the south west and reach Moray. It’s a unique archaeological site that has circle terraces, it was used by the Incas as agricultural experimenting center, each terrace has different microclimate, we will be able to walk by the terrace and make great pictures, and then we leave moray and drive towards the salt mines.

Before arriving to the salt mines we pass by Maras town, this town is famous by the its gates that has been framed by carved rocks, the oldest ones that once belonged to the inca descendants has Incan iconography. From here we drive towards the north on a narrow downhill road and arrive to a nice place which is the lookout of the famous “Salt Mines”, (there are not properly mines, there are salt pools, constituted by about 3000 small salt pools with an average area of 5 m², 3.8 ft²), constructed in a slope of the “Qaqawiñay” mountain. People fill up the pools with salty water emanating from a natural spring located on the top of the complex, after visiting this place we can stop for lunch and after drive back to Cusco arriving at around 3pm, in our group service you will be back at round 2 in the afternoon.

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Cusco River Rafting: If you love adventure tours and looking for white water river rafting welcome to Cusco, Peru. We have exiting programs that fits very well with your expectation, one program for those who does not have much time, two days rafting opportunity for fun and our three days extreme program for expert people. This exciting whitewater rafting expedition is rated among the best of world Class Rivers. All you want in one place, Urubamba River, chuquicahuana and Apurimac river canyon. Below you will find out these options, le us to know which one you like and we can give that opportunity.
The Urubamba River runs from the high Andean ranges down through the Sacred Valley of the Incas, passes Machu Picchu and runs into the jungle. It has some exciting white water rafting opportunities, depending on the section of the river being done and the time of the year. One of our most popular Rafting sections during the season is the “Chuqui” section of the river on the Upper Urubamba. There are good class III rapids and the water is not contaminated, as unfortunately the Huambutio and Ollantaytambo section of the river are.
Daily departures available from May to September:.

One day River Rafting in Cusco “Option 01”

Cusco river rafting itinerary
Our Cusco River Rafting in cusco starts with the pick you up at 8:50 am from your hotel in Cusco in our private transportation. The bus drive will take about one hour and a half to reach our camping ground at “Cusipata River”, where we can leave our baggage. Here you will enjoy, hot showers, toilets and a comfortable dining area.
Our Professional River guides will provide you with all the proper Rafting equipment such as helmet, wet suit, spray jacket, paddle and self-bailing raft. After a comprehensive safety talk you will drive 10 minutes more to Chuqui them we will be running exiting class III & III+. You will spend about two hours floating time, Afterwards, we finish de rafting at the camping pot “where a good hot lunch will be served and you can enjoy a relaxing sauna. And also we have a Zip line with 4 cables over the Urubamba River each one from 100 meters, our return would be in the afternoon.

Two days River Rafting Itinerary. “Option 02”

2 Days 1 night River Rafting Itinerary
Day 01: We pick you up at your hotel with our private transportation, after one and a half hours drive we arrive to the put -in at the shores of “Cusipata River Camp” our private campground. Our professional Rafting Guides will give you a safety talk and provide you with all the proper equipment for Rafting. You would be floating for approximately two and a half hours, running class I & II, introductory type rapids. Afterwards, we will drive back and spend the night at “Cusipata River Camp”, where we have a thatched roof camping area with comfortable dining place, a sauna and hot tub, hammocks and excellent food. You will fall asleep under the whisper of the river.

Day 02: After a relaxing Sauna and a good night sleep , we get up for a healthy breakfast and drive up river to the CHUQUI section of the river, where we will be running class III, & III+ rapids . We will include some extra safety such as Kayaker or a Catarafs. After about 2 and a half hour, we arrive back to “Cusipata River camp”, where a Lunch will be served. Afterwards we drive back to Cusco arriving in the late afternoon.

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The magnificent Cusco city, is the America’s archaeological capital, and the heartland of Inca culture. If you are planning to visit Machu Picchu, then you must stay at Cusco City at least 2 nights there are a great amount of things to do and see. Our company offers Cusco city tour to discover fantastic places such as: qoricancha “the sun temple of the incas”, Sacsayhuaman “a temple build with enormous rocks at Cusco outskirts, qenqo and tambomachay places situated at scenic location. Out original Cusco city tours that involves traditional markets and neighborhoods all leaded with expert and certified tour. We lead and organize all Cusco Peru private tours.

The magnificent Cusco city, is the America’s archaeological capital, and the heartland of Inca culture. If you are planning to visit Machu Picchu, then you must stay at Cusco City at least 2 nights there are a great amount of things to do and see.

Our private Cusco city tour of cusco, begins at any time before 13:00hrs, While other companies will start in Cusco city we will do it at backwards, which means that our personnel will meet you at your hotel then we’ll drive to the outskirts of the city and start at Tambomachay that is a fantastic inca archaeological site where you can see crystal color water falling in carved rocks, then we also visit the scenic puca pucara, then we will enjoy visit qenqo and walk in the temple carved under enormous rock “this place was used to mummify their embers who passed away, from here we will drive to the most impressive site over Cusco city, a place that amazes everyone because of its giant stuctures, place named “Sacsayhuaman”, its megalithic walls are going to surprise you, it has been described by many chroniclers as the biggest and most beautiful building in the world, and many more things from which our expert guide will explain you.

After these fantastic sites we will heat in to the cusco city and visit the cathedral of cusco where you will enjoy seeing the canvasses and treasures, after that at 5 minutes walking by nice inca wall street’s we will reach the sun temple. After an exciting 5 hours tour, our guide will drive you back to your hotel where our service ends.

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