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Ancascocha trek peru, is a new hike in cusco region, trek that also can connect to machu picchu. A trekking trail that is considered new, and one of the best hikes around the world according the national geography, the ancascocha trail, leads by the North West highland of Cusco region, where the lowest campsite is at 4,000mt “12,192 ff”. Amongst the many ancascocha trek programs offered by tour companies in Peru, our program, leads by the most scenic path, where you will be able to see impressive mountains of the southern Andes, trail with intact flora and fauna; that amazes everyone, reason by which this trekking trail is the best alternative trail to reach machu picchu. The ancascocha region, has many several trails starting at different points, most of them will start at parpiso, or socma.
Our trek, will begin at llamakancha, a beautiful look-out place, the most spectacular view of the pampa de anta, we will take you by a non-frequented trail, the only program that will show you the Yanacocha (black lake), and the ancascocha (blue lake), reason by which that our trek is named ancascocha hike, (other companies do not reach this lake in their hike).
Our Ancascocha trek, is advised for people who loves nature, and get away from the touristy trails; while doing the ancascocha trek with our company, we guarantee that you will have the most scenic camp grounds, from where you can see incredible views, and many stars at night. We will also have the opportunity to walk the by old inca path, a section that is not hiked by the others, an inca trail that looks like a truck road, but there is no trucks that can run by its stairs; while regarding the fauna: We will have opportunity to see the Andean fox, the majestic condors, deer, partridges, the andean pecker, and etc.
100% original program, and organized by our company, leaded by experienced and certified local tour guides, who really knows the trail.
Upon request, we can connect the ancascocha trek to Machu Picchu, through the traditional inca path. Daily departures available in private service.

ancascocha trek
Recommended trek by the national geographic and other sites.

Ancacocha Trek Itinerary

Day 1: Cusco – Llamakancha – Yanacocha. At 06:00hrs, our guide will meet you at your hotel, then taking our private transportation you will drive towards llamacancha (llama fence), after one one from departure, we’ll stop at Zurite, a nice colonial town, the stop is to buy water batteries and or any supply needed because this is the only along the trek, then we can continue driving for about 30 more minutes and arrive llama-cancha, where we will meet our muleteers and pack the equipment to start the hike. A gentle uphill, almost flat and the scenic view, will be the best start for this adventure, then after an hour walk we will reach the summit (4,400 mts – 14, 436 ft). We will approach a wide and black mountain named misti and chonta soccomarka; from the summit we will walk a downhill trail for another hour and reach the lunch spot at the land of sheep herders. After lunch we will continue by the valley towards west, then turn to the north and approach a grassy land named hatun pampa “big flatland”, and reach the camp site at yanacocha, we’ll camp over (4,200mt – 13,779ft) at a great location at the back of the lake, at night we can have the opportunity to enjoy the full of stars sky.
(Trek difficulty: Challenge, distance 8km. walking time: 6 hours).

Day 2: Yanacocha – puma ccasa – Occoruro: wake up with a hot cup of coca tea, then breakfast at 06:30 hrs, then continue our fascinating ancascocha trek, we will hike towards west and after an hour walk, we’ll summit the CCara Cruz “leather cross pass”, this summit is at 4600m, and has the greatest view of the valleys at the west region and ravines or the apurimac canyon, then the trail leads by a gently downhill to pocpoc-pampa, avove of switchback stream named Qenqo Mayu. After about 3 hours from our start we will summit puma-ccasa “puma pass” = 4,600 mts, then walk by a downhill trail for an hour, and stop for lunch. After lunch, we will climb up a switchback section to punku-ccasa “gate pass”, from where a nice flat and downhill trail, will take us to the camp at a place named occoruro, where we will spend the night at a camp surrounded by mountains and grass.
Medium Challenge hike, 12 km and 7 hours of walk.

Day 3: Occoruro – Accocasa – wayanay – anacascocha: wake up at 06:00 hrs, then we will have breakfast, we will continue our hike towards the Accoqasa pass 4700m, all the hike is uphill and takes about three hours of walk, here we will reach a summit named accoccasa (4,700 mt), 360º view, place from where we can see many mountains, and using binocular we will be able to see the famous Inca trail to Machu picchu, but what amazes people are for sure, the glacier mounts view such as: Salkantay, puma sillu, Humantay. From here we will continue by a gentle path lead us to our lunch place. After lunch, a gentle uphill section will leads us to the Huayanay pass “4600mt”, from where we can see the famous Huacaywillka “veronica” (Sacred Tears), the hike leads by the well preserved old inca path, here we can see the blue color lagoon named ancascocha, “from which our program took the name of ancascocha trek”, here we’ll see some torrent ducks, Huallatas (Andean geese = Chloephaga melanoptera), the andean pecker and some migrant birds. After 3 hours from lunch we will reach the highest camp site, located at a quiet place.

Day 4: Ancascocha – Camicancha – Chillca: This day is going to be a gentle hike, we will wake up at about 06:00 hrs, then after breakfast, we will follow the ina tra trail toward the ancascocha community that is located at the bottom of the lake, by then we have had descended a lot, the temperature and the flora has changed a lot, from icchu straw vegetation to multi-color and greener spots, from the ancascocha community, we will bank a clear water river, and after about 4 hours of walk we will reach the camicancha community, at the sacred valley, it is a nice warm and green valley, where we will end our hike, and after lunch we will take our private transport back to the city, or continue to Machu Picchu upon your request.

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Choquequirao trek, choquequirao private hike. Is the name of one of our fantastic and challenging trek in Peru, trek that leads to choquequirao inca city, built at the mountains over the apurimac canyon, surrounded by lush forest, and snow coated mountains, scenery that gives to this site a special atraction.

Location: It is located at Mollepata District, which is part of Anta province, in Cusco region. Because of its beauty and size, it is usually compared with machu picchu, built at 3100mt “10170 ft”. iT offers lifetime lasting memories for those who wants to hike it. Our traditional 4 days private trek, is a perfect tour for people who are looking to run away from the stress of the city, and find some fresh and new energy that you can get from the mountains.
If you are in to challenge hikes, for which you must do trainning before coming.

Our choquequirao private tour, is leaded by expert, professional local guides, which are fluent in English and knowledgeable in culture, history and local tradition. Come and enjoy with us this fascinating choquequirao trek.

Choquequirao trek itinerary

Day 01. Cusco – Cachora – Chiquisca.- Our fantastic traditional 4 days choquequirao trek peru, begins with an early departure from Cusco city (05:00 hrs), our team of guide cook and driver will meet you at your hotel and drive you to Cachora village, it takes about 4 hours, and meet our local muleteers, and have breakfast. Then we begin our hike towards the north, a nice view of the majestic padrayoc snow-pick mount, will give us the welcome to the adventure, the hike start on a gentle downhill path, that reaches a flat road to huancacalle, and capuliyoc, where will stop and lunch. Capuliyoc is a fantastic scennic view point, we will observe Apurimac canyon and its impressive depth (the second deepest canyon in Peru), from here a downhill switchback trail leads up to Chikiska, along the way we will pass an small settlement named la Colmena (2870 above sea level), Cocamasana (2330 above sea level), and finally chiquisca (1950 asl) a grove place where we can find water.

Day 02. chiquisca – choquequirao: Wake up at 05 in the morning, after breakfast we will succes, the hardest part of the itinerary. the trail goes an hour downhill path, then we reach the apurimac river, and cross it. From here all the trail leads uphill, by a switch back trail until maranpata, “this is the hardest part of our entire hike”. After several stops on the way, we reach santa rosa, which is a view point, then we continue to maranpata and stop for lunch. After lunch, we continue by a gentle section, then arrive in to a lookout point. Finally after 2 hours we arrive to our second camp ground, our team will set up our tents (if you still have energy, we can climb up to choquequirao’s main sector, visit the llamas, spend the sunset on the top of a hill, on a platform named usno, made by the inca to worship their deities), if we are lucky we can see the soar of condors, we’ll return to camp and have nutritious dinner and spend the night over 3000 m.a.s.l.

Day 03: Choquequirao – chiquisca – Coca Masana: early wake up and breakfast, then continue with the choquequirao trek, by visiting the lower part terraces, there are several terraces that were cleaned up on 2004. the guide will provide all the information regarding history and culture of the incas, after tour we return to the camp and take the journey back, we’ll return using the same path, by an switchbacks we will reach again the Apurimac River and lunch. After lunch we walk 03 more ours wnjoying the beauty of the nature, (orchids, native flowers, and incredible lanscape), finally we reach the camp site locate at a nice look-out place. After dinner you can sit down in front of your tent and enjoy the view of starts, mountains and river.

Day 4. – Coca Masana – Cachora – Cusco. This is the last day of our choquequirao hike, after early morning breakfast we re-start our trek, we walk back to Cachora town, we will walk 3 hours of challenging trek, then an large gentle path enjoying again the beauty of mounts and the apurimac canyon, our hike will end at noon. We’ll lunch then take our transport to Cusco. As an optional we can visit the conoc hot springs, then drive to Cusco arriving at about 18:00 hours and end our fantastic choquequirao trek.

Average Estimation: (Trek difficulty: Challenge, distance 16 km (12 miles) , 7 hours of walk) per day.

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Lares Machu Picchu Trek: leads by the native community of lares, in the lares valley, this this is a wonderful and unforgettable. Take this experience and be part in the lares trek machu picchu – lares machu picchu, The name cames form a small town called lares. so, the called lares trek to machu picchu is located in the north highlands of cusco city. todiscover all this villages and of curse get machu picchu,  we have a nice program called lares trek machu picchu – lares mache picchu. We begin in the sacred valley of the incas  at the village huaran. from this site a peacefull ravine; in this trek you will have the opportunity to see straw thatched stone houses, surrounded by herds of llamas and alpacas, inside  this lares trek valley houses guinea pigs are part of attraction running loose. The lares trek machu picchu – lares machu picchu takes place on a hidden valley that only few visitors had have visited, to see llama shepherding and weaving is part of the daily activity of its people wearing kind andalucian custom from the XXV century, this lees-known lares valley trek –  lares trek to machu picchu conbines amazing communities, clacier mountains, lagoons and impressive landscapes, with the best end “machu picchu”, also there is to enjoy its fabulous hot springs. The lares valley hike – lares machu picchu is unique came and discover it with us.
Lares Valley trek to Machu Picchu:

Classic lares trek to Machu Picchu

Day 01: Cusco – Lares – Waca Wasi. Our fantastic lares machu picchu trek begins with early departure. Meet up in the hotel at 05:00 and drive our private transport through the sacred vallkey to a town named Calca. After a brief stop to buy some fresh breads and coca leafs we continue driving on a recently asphalted road, we reach the Chayña Pass at 4265m. From here the road descends into the warm valley and finally arrive in to the village of lares which is a typical colonial village with a small church located in the main plaza, where we meet up our muleteers, then we drive for 10 more minutes up to hot springs (3100m) where we have the opportunity to take a swim in the hot pools while our cook makes us breakfast. After breakfast we will be hiking up the valley which is very scenic, we pass through corn and potato fields and small Andean settlements, then after about 1.5 hours of walk we cross a small river named Trapiche where we meet our cook at a quiet spot at the river bank where we will have lunch. After lunch we continue towards Waca Wasi village (3800m) which is a charming little community of mud brick and grass thatched roofs, where we set up our camp. We have the opportunity to meet llama herders, local traditional weavers and kids dressed in their colorful traditional clothing.

DAY 2: Waca Wasi – Millpo Lake: We leave in the early morning through Waca Wasi village, place where we observe people in their typical dress and continue with our brief ascent to the Huahuaqasa pass at 4398 meters before descending to Aroraycocha and Millpo lakes which are formed by the melt waters of the Pumahuanca and Capacsaya snow peaks. This part of the lares trek to machu picchu / lares machu picchu is a spectacular, through the Urubamba Mountain Range, you will have ample opportunity to spot a number of Andean birds, including condors. Campsite

Day 03. – Mantanay camp – Sacred Valley – Machu Picchu Town “Aguas Calientes”: We start our day by a gentle downhill path to the sacred valley, the walk takes for about 3 hours, we pass through stands of native polylepis forest and finally we arrive into the famous Sacred Valley of the Incas. The trail ends at the charming tiny hamlet of Yanahuara (2800m) with its agricultural terraces sown with corn and irrigated by glacial water. We have lunch to Yanauara and then our private trek transport takes us for the short 20 minute drive to Ollantaytambo. We catch the afternoon Vistadome train to Aguas Calientes (departs about 03:30pm), arriving there about 05:10pm. Check in to our hotel and enjoy a delicious dinner in a local restaurant.

Day 4: Machu Picchu Tour – Cusco: At 05:30 hrs, our guide will meet you at your hotel, then will escort you to the bus stop and take the 30 minutes bus to Machu Picchu. (Regarding the departure to machu picchu we are flexible, if you want a bit late departure, we can discus and do it a late departure), once arrived to the check point you will climb up to the view point of machu picchu and take your photos, after a brief machu picchu history background, our guide will take you to visit all the most important sectors, then once you finish the tour you can have some free time to hike to the inca bridge or the gate of sun, you can do it first then the machu picchu guided tour. After that return to town and catch your train back to ollantaytambo where you will meet our driver who will take you back to cusco city and end the lares machu picchu trek program.

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This Cusco sacred valley hike, is a fantastic day hike that takes place in pumamarka ravine, fantastic hike from easy to medium challenge walk in one of the ravines getting in to the sacred valley, this hike visited by only few people in a month, and advised for people who are staying in the sacred or in cusco city, but want to discover new places. The hike takes to Pumamarka which is an interesting archaeological park, build in a quiet area, on a plateau with an amazing view of the valley and surrounding mountains, the place shows dwellings, terraces and tombs build at precipices, this is at a breathtaking location, with a lush forest at close by, and snow covered mountains view at a distance.

Recommended place for nature lovers, or simply if you want to run away from the noise and pollution of the city, this hike in the sacred valley and it is one of the best day hikes in cusco area, a recommended place for meditation, or just seat and enjoy the views.

Discover and enjoy incredible non frequented places with an expert local guide. Daily departures available only in a private tour.
available only in private service:

Sacred Valley Hike Itinerary

At 8:00 in the morning, I will meet you in your hotel at the sacred valley, or in Cusco city, then we drive towards ollantay tambo, from ollantay tambo we drive towards north, by a ravine for about 20 minutes, then we cross a bridge and drive up to a place where we park the transport, from here we walk by a grassy path to a lonely archaeological park, the walk is by local farming lands, with crops on blooming according the season, we also are going to see nice structures build with stones that were used to store crops in inca times. At arriving at the archaeological we will enter and see many dwellings, with stones and covered with clay-stucco, there is also a large building with many waterways facing to south, and small buildings facing to the north.

After some relax time, we return to ollantaytambo and visit the old Inca town as well as the archaeological park, after this tour we will drive you back to your hotel in Urubamba, Cusco or do an extensión tour to Machu Picchu.

OptionalOur private sacred valley hike can start in your place, either if you are in cusco city, at the airport of at pisaq, urubamba or ollantay tambo in the sacred valley.

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Huchuy qosqo trek, is a day program departing from Cusco, to huchuy qosqo archaeological site, a fascinating place located at the mountains above the sacred valley, an excellent hike used as training for large tour programs that reaches high elevations. The trail has a medium elevation which pass is at 14, 270 feet, and ends at the sacred valley which is at 9,670 feet. The hike offers: captivating scenic landscape view, of vilcanota glacier mountains, clear water lakes, stunning sacred valley view from the heights, opportunity to see llamas and alpacas in their natural habitat, country villages settled in ravines, and a good opportunity to buy good quality alpaca handmade textiles, from the makers.

It is a non-frequented trail, also possible to make it in 02 days program, starting at different point. But why it is so important? Because huchuy qosqo is an inca city built on the XV century, the archaeological site was recently excavated by the Peruvian archaeologist, they fixed up some walls at the citadel, found inca mummies. Now that the place has been cleared, it shows an impressive and captivating citadel, which is protected by the Peruvian lows.

According the last regional news, is fact that in the future, it is going to be easier to get there, because there will be built up a funicular or cable car; but by now, the best option to reach huchuy qosqo, is the day hike. Enjoy this wonderful huchuy qosqo trek, leaded by experienced professional local guides from Cusco, Peru, fluent in English and other languages

available only in private service:

Huchuy Qosqo Hike “Cusco day hike Itinerary”

Our fascinating huchuy qosqo trek begins, with picking up our hikers form their hotel at 7:00am, then we drive our private transport towards Chinchero, from the main route we take a non-asphalted road, for about 10 minutes and finally arrive to Tauca Village. Once arriving to the village, we will find villagers who will offer us their incredible handmade textiles to buy, then we beginning our hike. We follow a trail used by the sheepherder’s to grace their llamas, the trail is gentle uphill amongst a beautiful mountain scenery.

the trail offers a nice view of llamas and alpacas, after about one hour and a half the trail turns in to more steeper and leads to the summit of the hike, and after about 3 hour walk we reach the mountain pass at 4300meters. At this point the view is fantastic and provide wide angle, while we enjoy the view we can have our snacks and break for some minutes.

After our pleasant break, we continue hiking and start descending for an approximately 2 hrs. And finally reach the Inca archaeological site of “Huchuy Qosqo”.  At the place we can seat down and have our box lunch, after lunch our guide will show you the entire site. The site has many buildings of 2-levels, at the place the time seems that stopped since inca times, there is a magic sensation while walking at the site, couple years ago archaeologists found mummies of the incas which are possible to see. After a fantastic tour we continue descending to Lamay, where we end our huchuy qosqo day hike. We catch our private transport and drive back to Cusco and arrive at around 18.00 hours.

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Ausangate mountain tour, discover the ausangate mounain hike peru, ausangate trail takes place at the glacier mountains, which is one of our beautiful hikes, that we want to share with you. Amongst the many hiking tours offered, this is a path that is known only by few people, as local people we know every corner. The trail offers a scenic landscape view, the trail ruins by highlands of Peru, the Circuit is not really frequented by the hikes which makes it more pleasant to walk. the hike leads by the land of alpacas and llamas, we will see many Andean cara cara eagles, and some Vicuñas. On this trek we can experience cold freezing nights during the dry season, but sunny during the days. The camp sites are located at a very high point for which a previous altitude acclimatizing is required.

The ausangate hike is enjoyable and quiet, the last 3 days will sort by exclusive trails, used only by our company because others do not offer this section of trail. We have a good team of guides, cook and muleteers who will make your hike even more pleasant. If you are looking an extraordinary trek experience contact us, and let us to provide you a great experience, that will last forever in your minds.
Trek available only in private service: Daily departures.

Ausangate Mountain Tour “Complete Circuit”

Day 01. Cusco – Tinqui – Upis: At 06 in the morning our personnel will pass by your hotel and introduce you the team, you will depart from Cusco city towards the east of the city. Our private transport will take you through beautiful countryside, we pass several villages including Urcos, Ccatcca, and Ocongate finally we will arrive to Tinqui which is the trail head, at the place we pack the equipment and start hiking. After about 02 of walk we stop for lunch, then we continue walking by grassy meadows below the jagged stone flanks of Ausangate Mountain “6,350 m. which is the highest mount in the Southern Peru. After about five hours of walk we arrive to Upis. Which is a Andean village on a the highlands, passing this village at only few meters we arrive to our camp spot right next to the hot springs pool, at banking of glacier water stream. We will serve tea time at 17:00 then you will have time to enjoy the hot spring by paying 2 dollars to the villagers who made a pool. At around 7pm dinner is served, then before sleeping you can seat out enjoying the starts and the snow mount.
(Trek difficulty: Medium. Total distance: 8 km. Estimated walking time: 6 hours).

Day 02. Upis – Arapa Pass – Hatun Pucacocha, Ausangate Cocha: After early and nutritious breakfast, we continue with our trek, further-on we climb a rock-strewn area and arrive to a beautiful scenic trail, after about an hour we reach the first pass called Arapa (4750 m). A sandy and colorful mount landscape are seen along the way, from here can see majestic mount, we continue walking, the trail is a gentle walk for about 2 hours, the trek continues gentle downhill, we walk nearby some multicolored lagoons, we reach a lagoon called yanacocha (black lake) where lunch is given such as luxurious picnic lunch. After lunch we continue our walk a bit more of the gentle path, we cross a snow water stream, then there is an uphill trail leading to a grassy trail, from here the trail leads between the llamas and alpacas, and arrive in an open ground where there is a beautiful glacier lake named hatun pucacocha 4.500m. We set up our tents, and relax while our team makes us dinner.
(Trek Difficulty: Medium. Total distance: 10km (6 miles). Estimated walking time: 6 hours).

Day 03: Hatun pucacocha – palomani pass – huchuy finay: This day, the trail seems to be more spectacular, in the morning an extended gentle ascent takes to the second pass named Apacheta pass (4850 m – 15, 908 ft.), we stop to take pictures and enjoy the view, from here the trail follows an steep downhill leads to another lake called ausangate cocha, lunch is given at this site, while we wait our lunch we can enjoy watching llamas. After lunch we reach the highest point of the trek (Palomani pass 5180 m), we will arrive to this place after about 3 hours of walk from lunch. We can enjoy the impressive landscape of the Vilcanota mountain ranch, then the trail leads by gentle descend by about 2 hours  to the third camp ground at huchuy finaya over 4.500m.
(Trek Difficulty: Challenge. Total distance: 10 km (6 miles). Estimated walking time: 7 hours).

Day 04. Huchu finaya – Qampa pass – Qomercocha: Energetic breakfast is a best start of the day, after breakfast our group continues hiking by a nice gentle flatland, area to see couple Andean houses surrounded by lamas, alpacas and horses, after about 3 hours the group will reach the lunch spot at pampa cancha (4050m 13,285ft), the area shows a nice andean highland valley. At here we‘ll have the opportunity to see Viscachas “Andean rotten), lamas and alpacas. After lunch an uphill trail lead us to the Qampa pass (5050 mt 16,564ft), the second highest pass in the ausangate trek. From the summit enjoying the nice landscape our trek follows a gentle downhill to the camp site located nearby nice lagoons. We set up our tents and spend the night in the middle of Glaciers mounts under bright stars.
(Trek Difficulty: medium. Total distance: 14 km (8 miles). Estimated walking time: 8 hours).

Day 05. Qomer cocha – Pacchanta: we would say that this section is one of the easiest parts. The trails leads nearby colorful lakes, we can see many shepherds, stone wall straw thatched houses, and stone fences for llamas that the attraction along the way. After 05 hours of walk we arrive to pacchanta, at arrival we lunch and have siesta. After a relax time you can walk around the village, walk up to the hill near by and see llamas, or just have a relaxing time in the hot springs, then we have tea time at 17:00 , dinner is served at 19:00 hours, and spend the night in a quiet village.
(Trek Difficulty: medium challenge. Total distance: 10 km (6 miles). Estimated walking time: 5 hours).

Day 06: Pacchanta – Arnacocha: From this day, we can walk by none frequented path at ausangate mountain hike, a nice section that only few people had hiked, we trek by trails that others do not, We depart around 08:00 hrs towards maranpaqui (small lama herders settlement), where is possible to observe kids running on their typical clothes, the train continues by a narrow valley, up to the button of arnacocha where the group have lunch. After lunch we have a siesta time, the pass the llama shepherds village, and walk by a grassy trail, that leads on gentle walk to the camp on a little spot at a lake named Arnacocha, This is the highest camp in the entire ausangate trail located over 4.750m, we set our tents, have dinner and spend the night.
(Trek Difficulty: Gentle. Total distance: 10 km “6 miles”).

Day 07: Arnaqocha – singrina cocha: We wake up at around 6:30am with a cup of coffee, then have breakfast; the hike begins gradually uphill to a large slope pass called Arnaqocha pass (14,600 ft.), this is the area where we can see some vicuñas, “vucuña is an animal related to the alpacas but they are wild, their wool is the finest wool of the world”, at this place we walk by a small highland, then we take a gradual downhill to a nice turquoise color lake, where there are trouts, we lunch, then continue walking kinking the singrina Qocha Lake. This turquois color lake has nice small bushes at the banks, then continue by the banks of the lake, and it after about 1 hours and a halp, we camp at the place called cochasiqui, or bottom of the lake.
(Trek Difficulty: Gentle. Total distance: 10 km “6 miles”).

Day 08: Singrina cocha – mallma – Cusco:  the last section of the ausangate mountain trail is going to be very easy walk. We have a nutritious breakfast, then walk following a nice meadow, we will see several llama herder’s houses, and we walk through a settlement leading to the road where our transport is waiting. We lunch at the end of trek and after lunch we take our private vehicle to Cusco, after 3 hours’ drive we arrive to Cusco city, where this fantastic new ausangate mountain trekking ends.
(Trek Difficulty: Gentle).

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Located deep in Peru’s National Reserve “Tambopata”, Ecoamazinia lodge overlooks the madre de dios river which the most beautiful and wildlife-rich of all lakes in Tambopata reserve. This privileged location gives you exclusive access to the lake in the early morning and late afternoon, the choice hours for wildlife viewing and photography. The lodge program includes two nights of fully-screened accommodation in double-occupancy bungalows with suite facilities with hot-water showers, electricity, fans, meals, naturalist guides, and lake excursions by day in search of Giant Otters, caimans, monkeys, and macaws, forest excursions and evening slide shows. Located a 25 minute motor canoe ride down the River Madre de Dios from Puerto Maldonado, where you can feel as part of nature.
book this tour as Puerto Maldonado Tour 3 days.
Jungle trip available only in private service: Daily departures.

Ecoamazonia Lodge 3 days 2 Nights Itinerary

Day 01. Monkey Island: We’ll arrive in Puerto Maldonado, Peru’s capital of biodiversity. Following pickup at the airport, our trip begins with a tour of the city by private bus. We’ll continue to Capitanía, a small river port, where we’ll board a motorized boat to cross the Madre de Dios River. As the trip progresses, we’ll become immersed in the natural surroundings of the jungle while observing the ronsoco, caimans, turtles, herons, cormorants and other animal species, we’ll arrive to the Ecoamazonia Lodge and enjoy an exquisite welcome drink. Then, we’ll settle into our bungalows and have lunch. In the afternoon, accompanied by our specialized guide, we’ll visit MONKEY ISLAND, a unique place at the heart of the Madre de Dios River—just 5 minutes from the lodge. Along the way, we’ll take in the extraordinary landscapes and exuberant flora that are home to a variety of monkey species. These monkey species include maquisapas, capuchins, lion monkeys, puffins and cotos, along with other animal species like the coati, sloth, and a great diversity of birds. We’ll complete our visit of the island while enjoying the sunset—the most impressive moment of any day in the jungle. We’ll end the day with a pleasant dinner.

Day 02. “Cocha Perdida” (lost lake): After breakfast, we’ll begin an adventure through the virgin forest, accompanied by our local guide as we explore deep into the jungle and reach the LOST COCHA (COCHA PERDIDA). The Lost Cocha is a refuge and feeding ecosystem for a tremendous diversity of animals. There, we’ll have the opportunity to observe otters, caimans, turtles, sachavacas and birds of every color, the majestic jaguar and a variety of fish. This unique area, as it belongs to the Ecoamazonia Reserve, remains utterly intact, with large marshes and natural springs. We’ll ascend to and extraordinary vantage point, from which we’ll have a chance to observe the magical jungle, followed by a pleasant canoe ride around the lake. We’ll return to the lodge for lunch and in the afternoon, we offer an optional visit to the botanical gardens. If you’d rather relax, you can enjoy the Amazonian Pool and dinner.

Day 03. Ecoamazonia Lodge – Puerto Maldonado: After your breakfast our motor boak will take you back to Puerto Maldonado City from where you can catch your bus or flight to cusco or lima, where our peru jungle tours ends.

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Nazca lines tour, peru nazca lines over flight, departing from cusco or lima: The coastal region accounts for 10.6% of Peru’s territory (52,639 square miles or 136,334 km2). It is a narrow strip that is approximately 554 miles long (2,500 km), but only 12 to 62 miles wide (19 to 100 km). the nazca lines are the main attraction of the south peru. The altitude along this strip varies from zero to 3,281 feet above sea level (1,000 m). The Peruvian coastal region has been home to several important cultures. Visitors can find many well-known archaeological sites here, including Nazca, Paracas National Park and Arequipa.

Our nazca lines tour can start at lima, but we also can arrange the cazca lines tour from cusco,.

Nazca Lines (day tour: option 01)

Departure Before 13:00 hours. Our personnel will pick you up from your hotel in Nazca and drive you in an air-conditioned vehicle to the Nazca aerodrome, at arrival at the local museum you will have video introduction of the Nazca lines (an English speaking guide will introduce you to the Nazca culture and tell the probable history and the hypothesis. After this video introduction you will board a light aircraft for a memorable Flight over Nazca Lines, the plane will over flight the expanse of the stony Nazca desert, the surface of which is scarred by gigantic drawings and geometrical shapes. The flight lasts 30 minutes, the plane will lean to one side so people at the other side can see the figures, will also do the same on your side and you can see and take your pictures, the expert pilots knows exactly that is the best way to see the fascinating lines and drawings that have intrigued people for years. Here, you will identify various figures drawn on the surface of the Nazca desert, figures such as: animals and stylized plants, distributed in a huge labyrinth of lines, trapezoids, triangles and hairsprings which have been preserved for almost 2000 years. Then return to the aerodrome, once you land our personnel will meet you and drive you back to your hotel in Nazca.

Nazca Lines tour from Lima (2 days tour: option 02)

Day 01. Lima – Nazca: At 07:30 am, our guide will meet you at your hotel and drive you to Nazca city in a tourist transport, the journey takes about six and half-hour drive through our main Pan-American road, at around noon we can stop in Ica to visit a local vineyard “El Catador” where we will learn about the process for obtain our national cocktail “Pisco Sour” there is also a restaurant with a good lunch menu and reliable service., after lunch we will visit the Huacachina Oasis, this place is very well known for its sand dunes where young people practice sandboarding a board sport similar to snowboarding but in this case you are over pure fine sand. Once you have arrived in Nazca you will have plenty of time to walk around or just relax in your hotel.

Day 02. Nazca Lines Overflight – Lima: At 08 in the morning our personnel will pick you up from your hotel in Nazca and drive you in an air-conditioned vehicle to the Nazca aerodrome, at arrival at the local museum you will have video introduction of the Nazca lines (an English speaking guide will introduce you to the Nazca culture and tell the probable history and the hypothesis. After this video introduction you will board a light aircraft for a memorable Flight over Nazca Lines, the plane will over flight the expanse of the stony Nazca desert, the surface of which is scarred by gigantic drawings and geometrical shapes.

The nazca lines overflight lasts 30 minutes, the plane will lean to one side so people at the other side can see the figures, will also do the same on your side and you can see and take your pictures, the expert pilots knows exactly that is the best way to see the fascinating lines and drawings that have intrigued people for years. Here, you will identify various figures drawn on the surface of the Nazca desert, figures such as: animals and stylized plants, distributed in a huge labyrinth of lines, trapezoids, triangles and hairsprings which have been preserved for almost 2000 years, then return to the aerodrome, once you land our personnel will meet you and drive you back to Nazca where you will lunch, after lunch our van drives you back to Lima city arriving in about 6 hours, he will drive you back to the hotel where the fascinating tour ends

If you want to discover more places, we can arrange the nazca lines tour from cusco.


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