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Ausangate Mountain Tour

Ausangate mountain hike (complete circuit 8 Days)

Ausangate mountain tour, discover the ausangate mounain hike peru, ausangate trail takes place at the glacier mountains, which is one of our beautiful hikes, that we want to share with you. Amongst the many hiking tours offered, this is a path that is known only by few people, as local people we know every corner. The trail offers a scenic landscape view, the trail ruins by highlands of Peru, the Circuit is not really frequented by the hikes which makes it more pleasant to walk. the hike leads by the land of alpacas and llamas, we will see many Andean cara cara eagles, and some Vicuñas. On this trek we can experience cold freezing nights during the dry season, but sunny during the days. The camp sites are located at a very high point for which a previous altitude acclimatizing is required.

The ausangate hike is enjoyable and quiet, the last 3 days will sort by exclusive trails, used only by our company because others do not offer this section of trail. We have a good team of guides, cook and muleteers who will make your hike even more pleasant. If you are looking an extraordinary trek experience contact us, and let us to provide you a great experience, that will last forever in your minds.
Trek available only in private service: Daily departures.

Ausangate Mountain Tour “Complete Circuit”

Day 01. Cusco – Tinqui – Upis: At 06 in the morning our personnel will pass by your hotel and introduce you the team, you will depart from Cusco city towards the east of the city. Our private transport will take you through beautiful countryside, we pass several villages including Urcos, Ccatcca, and Ocongate finally we will arrive to Tinqui which is the trail head, at the place we pack the equipment and start hiking. After about 02 of walk we stop for lunch, then we continue walking by grassy meadows below the jagged stone flanks of Ausangate Mountain “6,350 m. which is the highest mount in the Southern Peru. After about five hours of walk we arrive to Upis. Which is a Andean village on a the highlands, passing this village at only few meters we arrive to our camp spot right next to the hot springs pool, at banking of glacier water stream. We will serve tea time at 17:00 then you will have time to enjoy the hot spring by paying 2 dollars to the villagers who made a pool. At around 7pm dinner is served, then before sleeping you can seat out enjoying the starts and the snow mount.
(Trek difficulty: Medium. Total distance: 8 km. Estimated walking time: 6 hours).

Day 02. Upis – Arapa Pass – Hatun Pucacocha, Ausangate Cocha: After early and nutritious breakfast, we continue with our trek, further-on we climb a rock-strewn area and arrive to a beautiful scenic trail, after about an hour we reach the first pass called Arapa (4750 m). A sandy and colorful mount landscape are seen along the way, from here can see majestic mount, we continue walking, the trail is a gentle walk for about 2 hours, the trek continues gentle downhill, we walk nearby some multicolored lagoons, we reach a lagoon called yanacocha (black lake) where lunch is given such as luxurious picnic lunch. After lunch we continue our walk a bit more of the gentle path, we cross a snow water stream, then there is an uphill trail leading to a grassy trail, from here the trail leads between the llamas and alpacas, and arrive in an open ground where there is a beautiful glacier lake named hatun pucacocha 4.500m. We set up our tents, and relax while our team makes us dinner.
(Trek Difficulty: Medium. Total distance: 10km (6 miles). Estimated walking time: 6 hours).

Day 03: Hatun pucacocha – palomani pass – huchuy finay: This day, the trail seems to be more spectacular, in the morning an extended gentle ascent takes to the second pass named Apacheta pass (4850 m – 15, 908 ft.), we stop to take pictures and enjoy the view, from here the trail follows an steep downhill leads to another lake called ausangate cocha, lunch is given at this site, while we wait our lunch we can enjoy watching llamas. After lunch we reach the highest point of the trek (Palomani pass 5180 m), we will arrive to this place after about 3 hours of walk from lunch. We can enjoy the impressive landscape of the Vilcanota mountain ranch, then the trail leads by gentle descend by about 2 hours  to the third camp ground at huchuy finaya over 4.500m.
(Trek Difficulty: Challenge. Total distance: 10 km (6 miles). Estimated walking time: 7 hours).

Day 04. Huchu finaya – Qampa pass – Qomercocha: Energetic breakfast is a best start of the day, after breakfast our group continues hiking by a nice gentle flatland, area to see couple Andean houses surrounded by lamas, alpacas and horses, after about 3 hours the group will reach the lunch spot at pampa cancha (4050m 13,285ft), the area shows a nice andean highland valley. At here we‘ll have the opportunity to see Viscachas “Andean rotten), lamas and alpacas. After lunch an uphill trail lead us to the Qampa pass (5050 mt 16,564ft), the second highest pass in the ausangate trek. From the summit enjoying the nice landscape our trek follows a gentle downhill to the camp site located nearby nice lagoons. We set up our tents and spend the night in the middle of Glaciers mounts under bright stars.
(Trek Difficulty: medium. Total distance: 14 km (8 miles). Estimated walking time: 8 hours).

Day 05. Qomer cocha – Pacchanta: we would say that this section is one of the easiest parts. The trails leads nearby colorful lakes, we can see many shepherds, stone wall straw thatched houses, and stone fences for llamas that the attraction along the way. After 05 hours of walk we arrive to pacchanta, at arrival we lunch and have siesta. After a relax time you can walk around the village, walk up to the hill near by and see llamas, or just have a relaxing time in the hot springs, then we have tea time at 17:00 , dinner is served at 19:00 hours, and spend the night in a quiet village.
(Trek Difficulty: medium challenge. Total distance: 10 km (6 miles). Estimated walking time: 5 hours).

Day 06: Pacchanta – Arnacocha: From this day, we can walk by none frequented path at ausangate mountain hike, a nice section that only few people had hiked, we trek by trails that others do not, We depart around 08:00 hrs towards maranpaqui (small lama herders settlement), where is possible to observe kids running on their typical clothes, the train continues by a narrow valley, up to the button of arnacocha where the group have lunch. After lunch we have a siesta time, the pass the llama shepherds village, and walk by a grassy trail, that leads on gentle walk to the camp on a little spot at a lake named Arnacocha, This is the highest camp in the entire ausangate trail located over 4.750m, we set our tents, have dinner and spend the night.
(Trek Difficulty: Gentle. Total distance: 10 km “6 miles”).

Day 07: Arnaqocha – singrina cocha: We wake up at around 6:30am with a cup of coffee, then have breakfast; the hike begins gradually uphill to a large slope pass called Arnaqocha pass (14,600 ft.), this is the area where we can see some vicuñas, “vucuña is an animal related to the alpacas but they are wild, their wool is the finest wool of the world”, at this place we walk by a small highland, then we take a gradual downhill to a nice turquoise color lake, where there are trouts, we lunch, then continue walking kinking the singrina Qocha Lake. This turquois color lake has nice small bushes at the banks, then continue by the banks of the lake, and it after about 1 hours and a halp, we camp at the place called cochasiqui, or bottom of the lake.
(Trek Difficulty: Gentle. Total distance: 10 km “6 miles”).

Day 08: Singrina cocha – mallma – Cusco:  the last section of the ausangate mountain trail is going to be very easy walk. We have a nutritious breakfast, then walk following a nice meadow, we will see several llama herder’s houses, and we walk through a settlement leading to the road where our transport is waiting. We lunch at the end of trek and after lunch we take our private vehicle to Cusco, after 3 hours’ drive we arrive to Cusco city, where this fantastic new ausangate mountain trekking ends.
(Trek Difficulty: Gentle).

  • Transfer from Cusco to trail head.
  • Tents: 4-people tent for each 2 people (four season tents, highly maintained to ensure an excellent performance).
  • Dining tent, tables and trekking chairs, Kitchen tent, Toilet tent.
  • English speaking professional guide (2 guides for over 8 people).
  • Trekking chef and cooking assistant.
  • Horses to carry tents, food, cooking equipment, AND Muleteers to take care from the horses.
  • Emergency horse.
  • Tents for our guides, cook and muleteers.
  • Complete meals during trip, plus daily morning snacks and tea time.
  • First-aid kit including emergency oxygen bottle.
  • Private transport from tinki to Cusco.
  • Sleeping bag “If you do not have one, we can rent you a good sleeping bag.
  • Fee for the hotsprings