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Machu Picchu Train Tickets: We are licensed tour operator in Cusco Peru, we can book your: machu picchu train tickets, the Vista dome train that has nice widows to enjoy the view of the snow coat mountains and the river, Hiram Bingham train that is part or orient express luxury service, train that are providing service to machu picchu in Cusco Peru, We also book Cusco Titicaca lake train, this is the Andean express train that departs 3 times a week with service on board.

But from Lima to Cusco you need to take plane, we can help you booking your domestic flight tickets from Lima to Cusco, at you arrival to Cusco we can meet you at the airport because we provide airport pick up and drive to your hotel in Cusco or sacred valley.

Book Machu Picchu Train Ticket, we will advice the best schedule:.


Train Stations – Machu Picchu Train Tickets

There are 02 train station from where you can catch up a train if you are going to Machu Picchu, the Poroy train station, which is the closest train station to Cusco city at only 30 minutes from the city (only morning departures to machu picchu town, and evening returns from machu picchu).

The next train station from most of frequencies are departing, it is located at Ollantay tambo, place from where people who are staying in the sacred valley can take their train, ideal also for people who are doing the sacred valley tour and want to extend their trip to machu picchu.

Train companies:
There are only 02 operators, the Peru Rail owned by “Orient Express”, and the Inca Rail owned by a Peruvian company, both has good service and several departures a day from both train stations.

Peru rail: This Company has several departures along the day.
Expedition Train: this train departs from Poroy and Ollantay Tambo, is the basic orient express service and mostly used by backpackers, in the past this train has the name or back packer train until it has been changed to Expedition, a cup of soft drink or tea served on board.

Vistadome Train: it is a midrange class train, I has a good service and several departures available along the day, has windows to see the sides and up to look at the mountains, snakcs are served on board that is included in your tickets, the attraction of the return train is the fashion show, to start it they show up a dancer, then it is followed by a young guy and a girl that dress on alpaca products where after this show the same guys pretend to sell those products.

Hiram Bingham: it is the Peru rails most luxurious train, it also is the most expensive train in the entire Americas, has the best service of the region and there is served lunch or dinner on board, as much as many cups of wine that you can drink in the dinner time, the train departs at poroy, but stops at Ollantay Tambo to pick up more people. There is a music show on board in a especial car, and free bar when you return.

Inca Rail:
This Company has several departures along the day as well available from both train station.

Premium Economy: this train departs from Ollantay Tambo, it is the basic inca rails service, it has nice and comfortable chairs, a cup of soft drink or tea served on board, it has better rates that the competitor.
Premium economy: there is not much difference with the earlier mentioned train. Both has same departure time and pulled by the same engine.

First Class: It is the equivalent to the Vistadome Train, but better service and contort, the only things is that they only have a single departure a day from Ollantay Tambo Train Station, lunch or dinner is provided on board. It only runs from April to October.
Presidential Class: Available only for private service with flexible departures.

By the way, we are able to book any of this train services, tell us your thoughts and we can advise which one to take. We provide train tickets, bus, car rental and or full package.


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