Maras Moray Salt Mines Tour

Maras moray salt mines tour, 1 day trip, with private guides

Maras moray salt mines tour, is part of our trips, with daily departures in private service, will take you to see sites that are the bucket list to see in Peru. This it the new sacred valley tour, part of our day tours, where you can enjoy seeing nature, architecture, and agriculture science places, Maras, Moray and the salt mines, are sites located in Maras district, which is one of the nice colonial towns, located above the sacred valley mountains, at Urubamba province.

A fantastic day trip departing from Cusco city, and optionally from the sacred valley, Maras district is at 60 kilometers, towards the north west, in a plain that in prehistoric times was a huge plateau, with spectacular views of mountains such as: Wacay Willka (today “La Veronica”, 5682 m, 18641 ft.) & “Chicon” (5530 m, 18143 ft.) Sawa siray pitusiray, glacier mountains, that are holly for local people.

All of them above the sacred valley, where we do as well the horseback riding, and mountain biking adventures; in a day excursion which is recommended for everyone, there are walking options, and easy access with vehicles.

if you are in search of memorable journeys, then take our private tour, we will take care of all details, where you can enjoy our customized and personalized service. we have flexible departure times, and we can be pleased to pick you up from: your hotel in Cusco city, airport in the city, the train station, or any site at the sacred valley..

Do you want to see more Cusco things to see, maybe other trips such as: Rainbow mountain tours, inca bridge salkantay trek, moon temple, Choquequirao Trek, etc, We are local operators organizing trips with daily departures, covering the best and the new places, that you can be able to visit, only with us. Just let us to know.


Maras moray salt mines tour.

Our Maras moray salt mines tour, can begin any time before noon, if you are already in Cusco city, then we can meet you at your hotel at 08:00 am, then depart in a private tourist transport, towards moray which is at northwest of cusco city.

The sacred valley region is unique, along the way, there are several inca ruins, chich are part of our day excursions, we will pass by picturesque villages such as: poroy which is train station for Machu Picchu, and chinchero that owns incredibe church and terraces at a nice look out place..

After about one hour we arrive to Moray, it’s an interesting archaeological site that belongs to the inca period, a unique archaeological site that has circle terraces, that was used as agricultural experimental center, each terrace had different microclimates.

We leave moray and drive towards the Maras town and see its narrow stone frame gateways, and continue to the salt mines; (there are not properly mines, but small salt pools, constituted by about 4000 small salt pools, with an average area of 5 m², 3.8 ft², and fill up with salty spring water emanating from the nearby place), constructed in a slope of the mountain Qaqawiñay.

After visiting this place, we can stop for lunch, then drive back to the city, arriving at around 3pm, where the maras moray tour ends.

you may be interested in visiting the mentioned places on horseback riding? if yes!, then just let us to know, we have the Paso horses that are located closely, pretty and energetic ones, that can give a plus to your excursion in our country.


  • Private Transport.
  • Bilingual Guide.


  • Fee for visited places.
  • Meals.





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