Moon Temple Tour Cusco

Moon temple tour Cusco "Killarumiyoc Andenes - Chinchero"

Our moon temple tour cusco, leads you to visit: Killaarumiyoc, Andenes and Chinchero? Have you ever hear about a place where women got organized and while their husbands are working in the farms they weave and make extra income to support their families? That is Chinchero. How about Andenes?

Andenes are the largest terraces of the world made by the incas to gain more farming soil on the slopes of a mountain, now a days it is under ministry of agriculture management, where engineers are keep farming inca products using traditional techniques, the site has great landscape.

How about Killarumiyoc; the only one stone carved in a shape of this deity?

The moon one of the most important deities of Inka’s named Mama Killa (Mother Moon) was the sister and wife of the Inti (sun). Inka´s made moon calendars, temples to worship this deity; in Cusco this temple is called Killarumiyoc.

By far, it is the most amazing day tour in Cusco, non-frequented by the crowds, it is our best new option for altitude acclimating, for higher places such as the inca trail or salkantay trek. the moon temple excursion departs from cusco,

Are you confused? there are several sites known as moon temple, the one at machu picchu, at cusco city, and other places around the world, but the killarumiyoc (moon stone, is the one the has all details to be consided the temple to worship the goddess.

Moon temple tour Cusco, Peru


Our moon temple tour cusco, begins with transfer from your hotel and drive To Chinchero archaeological site. To reach the place we take the road that leads to the northwest of Cusco which is all asphalted.

At arrival we will choose one place to visit from about 20 weaving groups, (these are regular village houses, where women has got organized themselves in order to show the weaving process and skills) the way how they demonstrate is fantastic, they use a plant as detergent to wash the wool, and still doing it from immemorial times.

From here we visit the colonial church built over inca temples, then see the great inca plaza built over the terraces. We leave Chinchero and drive by wonderful landscape to huaypo lagoon, we stop to take pictures then continue by a road passing small villages such as huayllacocha, here we will have a nice view of the farms and houses spread out, descend to huarocondo town famous by its lechon “baked pork meat”,  then drive to the Andenes.

The Andenes are  “Inkas biggest agricultural terraces” we will see at the place, the numerous amount of crops, the magnificent terraces, different varieties of corn, potatoes, quinoa and other native product.

After that we will drive to Zurite which is a beautiful colonial town, the site has inka agriculture terraces, and a inka city wich has been covered underground and just couple years ago the cusco university made same studies excavation and clearly discovered a city on a ceremonial knife shape called tumi, we stop and have lunch in in a house of a villager, (Lunch is included; as part of our social project).

Before departing from Cusco we advise the amount of people in our group and the family will wait us with lunch, the lunch consist in three course meal, healthy, clean and organic, if vegetarian no worries they are experts making it).

From Zurite we continue driving for about 25 minutes, and arrive to Killarumiyoc. It consists in inca buildings including farming terraces, water channels, the most important thing to see, is a big carved stone, which is supposed to be an inca’s moon calendar, there is also lots of terraces, and cave where pre-history humans of this part of Cusco has lived, we also can walk to the great cave, it is very similar to the one at machu picchu..

The tour will take about an hour. Then we drive back to Cusco arriving at around 4:00 pm. Where our fantastic new cusco day tour ends.


  • Private Transport.
  • English speaking professional guide.


  • Fee for Visited Places.
  • Lunch.





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