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Sacred Valley Tour Peru

Sacred Valley Tour: Pisaq Market, Ollantay Tambo, and Chinchero

The sacred valley tour peru takes place in a vast field that joins several populations, it is located at the north of Cusco city. It was called sacred, because of the Urubamba River (the urubamba river that passes through this valley was considered the parallel of the Milky Way). In this valley there are developed a rich agricultural society. The incas built many farming terraces, towns, warehouses, such as Pisac, Ollantaytambo, and Chinchero. Places with thousands of Histories to tell. The sacred valley tour Peru, also involves the visit to the traditional textiles weaving centers, handicrafts and silver workshops, and many other. Here we introduce you our traditional sacred valley tour, but if you are looking something different write us and we will send you a great proposal that will fit with your needs, The sacred valley tour peru, is one of our favorite tours.

We are expert guides who knows how to run away from the crowds, if you are staying in the sacred valley, in ollantay tambo, Urubamba or Pisaq, we can start this tour from your place. Contact us today and book one of our tours which are available in private and group service. We are expert guides, kids and old people friendly.

The sacred Valley tour of Cusco, Peru

Our traditional sacred valley tour starts at 8:45 am, with the transfer from the hotel of our visitors, then the bus departs at nine in the morning towards Pisaq, Before arriving at pisaq the bus will stop in a great view point to the sacred valley named Mirador de Taray, you will have time to take pictures and buy some souvenirs, then we continue and stop at the typical market of pisaq which is at the main square. After some time for pictures we drive to Pisaq Archaeological site, from bus stop you walk by a nice trail overlooking the terraces, then arrive to the main popint, after visiting the town on the hill, we back to valley and continue passing through beautiful villages such as: Coya, Lamay, Calca, and arriving to Urubamba the bus stops and you will have lunch. From lunch the tour continues to Ollantaytambo to walk by its magnificent structures and get amazed by the water fountains, then we return by the valley and take different road to Cusco and arrive to Chinchero; it’s a nice town on the highlands where we can visit the weaving center, see how the ladies weave fine textiles and will show us how they dye and wash the alpaca and sheep wool.

Optional 1. Our private sacred valley tour peru can start in your place, either if you are in cusco city, at the airport of at pisaq, urubamba or ollantay tambo in the sacred valley.

Optional 2. As an optional tour we offer extending the sacred valley tour to Machu Picchu, if that is the way, from ollantay tambo we take train to aguas calientes and spend the night). From chinchero we return to Cusco after an amazing tour that will finish at around 16:30 hrs.

  • Tourist transport.
  • Professional English speaking tour guide.
  • Meals.
  • Fee for visited places = it is covered with the cusco visitor ticket.