inca trail availability “How to book & Information”

4 days 3 nights inca trail availability information

When and How to book the INCA TRAIL? You can book your trip at any time, and generally the earlier you book is the better. Booking early (four months or more recommended) is especially important. For travelers visiting during the high and dry season (June to August) we recommend to book it four months in advance to make sure there is availability. During the other months (September to January and March to May) you need to make your booking two months ahead. Once the space is booked it can’t be modified. So, make sure of your schedule.

1: INCA TRAIL AVAILABILITY: The Inca Trail Availability is limited to only 500 people per day from March to January. According to the regulations, the 500 people counts as well, tour guides, cooks and porters (people who carry tents and food). The total of the quotas are divided as follows: 210 for tourists, 220 for porters, and 70 for tour guides, cooks and cook assistants.

The permits for the Inca Trail are issued by the Ministry of Culture, through the Direccion Desconcentrada de Cultura (DDC). Let us to know when you want to hike the inca trail, and we can check it for you.

Consider the following:

  • The availability is entirely managed by the Ministry of Culture.
  • The availability is shown online for all operator. If a company says that there no availability for a day you are looking for, then none else has the availability.
  • Book your spot at least 7 months earlier for the high season (months may to October).
  • For the low season, book it with at least 4 months in advance.

How Can I book the Inca trail?

Contact us, once we confirm the availability we will ask you a deposit to cover the inca trail fee, for train ticket and machu picchu fee. Inka Challenge Peru is a local tour operator, once you made a deposit, and we got it before the availabilities are sold-out, then we guarantee that you will go to the inca trail.

What Guarantees my Booking?

  • Money deposit.
  • A copy of your passport (each member).
  • Our confirmation of money pick up and re-conformation e-mail mentioned that we got your spot.

Can I cancel the Inca Trail?

Not, you cannot cancel it, once we purchased your ticket and you want to cancel, there is no money refund on it, and you also can not postpone your departure. If you want to postpone the departure, then you have to send one more time the required deposit.

If you have any other questions please contact us: contact(@)inkachallengeperu(.)com
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