Peru New Tours, are our ultimate programs are listed below, itineraries that are unique and original, tour to places and get the best of your experiences as:

peru shamanic retreats where our Peruvian shaman will help you, cleansing your chakras, will initiate you in to the mysticism, tell you the future by reading the coca leaf.

Fitness trekking tour that is unique, if you have some extra pounds and you are not happy with, we will help your reducing them in a nice trekking program, our exclusive programs that include visit to: Archaeological sites, hot springs, and hiking in highlands.

condor soar watching in Cusco, is an authentic amazing adventure, we will see the condors in their natural habitat, where we do not disturb then.

Escorted Peru tour designed for solo traveler, people with disabilities, who wants to discover the places wiht a local.

Ask as well about our tailor made tours, where you let us to know what you want to see and we will make it possible for you.

Condor soar watching cusco; is our new elite program. The condor is the world’. See complete info >>

Escorted Peru Tours: is our exclusive service with professional tours guides in . See complete info >>

Weight Loss Trekking Peru: Our Company is called INKA CHALLENGE PERU, our mind i. See complete info >>

Customized peru tours, in private and small groups service: If you have seen all. See complete info >>

Peru Shamanic Retreats: Is part of our mystical tours, where we provide; Cusco S. See complete info >>

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