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Ancascocha trek Peru; is part of our cusco new trekking programs. The ancascocha hike runs by impressive mountains of the southern Andes; It´s impressive scenic landscape, intact flora, being located out of beaten trails were the reason that made to be considered as one of the bets Peru’s Trekking trails. This hike is advised specially for people who loves nature and, and amongst the Peru treks, the ancascocha trek, is one of our favorite trekking programs, the area is inhabited by few sheepherders, who still keep many inca customs, who are happy to see hikers on their lad, the ancascocha hike is a perfect hike where you can find yourself.

The ancascocha Trek, is offered by some few companies, but only 0.01 of the operator are going to bring you to Ancascocha, the reason? Is the fact that the area has several trails, they do not know Ancascocha lake and call their program as Ancascocha trek. We hike by the most scenic landscape, and bring you to see the lake, we program leads by the non-frequented trail by other companies, except the last section, it give us the advantage such providing unique itineraries, hike by a well preserved trail, see the colorful ancascocha lake, the wild fauna and flora of the area, the snow-covered picks such as (Salkantay, Mountain 6.271m.a.s.l. Humantay, Huayanay, etc), we also are going to walk on an original Inca trail “the main trail to Machu Picchu which not used by the 4 days inca trail hikers”. We will have perfect opportunity to see the Andean fox, the majestic condors, deer, partridges, the Andean pecker and etc. The ancascocha trek, is completely organized by our company and leaded by experienced and certified tour guides.

ancascocha trek peru
Hike the ancascocha trek leaded by expert cusco tour guides.

Daily departures available

Day 01: Cusco – Salkantay Pampa: This fantastic ancascocha trek peru, begins with the meet up in your hotel at 05:00 hrs, then drive to the trail start point, before getting the place, we will stop at Mollepata, a small town where we can buy some supplies such as: water, walking sticks and etc, then we drive for 40 more minutes and stop at a planes named challacancha, here we will meet up with our muleteers and start our trek, the first 30 minutes are uphill, then we can walk by a flat train banking a water channel, here we can enjoy the fantastic view of salkantay glacier mount, then arriving to Soraypampa we’ll lunch, after lunch the will hike by a narrow highland valley towards to salkantay pampa, here over, 4,000 mt, at a quiet camp ground where we set up our tents and spend the night. 5 hours walk,

Day 02: Salkantay pampa – inca chiriaska – Toqtoqasa. Early breakfast will be perfect to provides energy for next part and the cooler morning temperatures will help us to ascend and summit the highest point of the ancascocha trek, we will breakfast at 06:30 hrs, then start the toughest part of our trek, the hike leads by an uphill trail to Inkachiriasca pass” the highest point of our trail, 5.100 m”, from this point we can have a great scenic view of the area, no words to describe how impressive the salkantay mountain is, impetuous snow-capped mountain that amazes everyone, after this point we will take an even less frequented trail, we’ll walk to Toqtoqasa by an smooth downhill, with small icchu straw plants, the second day is the most challenging part of the ancascocha our hike, but we will have emergency horses following us, we will camp over 3900m.a.s.l.

Day 03: Toqto q´asa – Occoruro: Another fantastic day starts with nutritious breakfast, then we will re-initiate our beautiful walk. The hike begins with a gentle uphill hike, then the trek continues by a downhill path that is by straw grass, from here we can enjoy the view of the southern mountain which are smaller, we can see the Apurimac canyon at a long distance, same beautiful as usual, from here we will be able to see some shine metal ruff of houses at a very long distance. The hiking distance in time is about 7 hours. This is a wonderfull place where if lucky, we can see the flight of condors, they come from time to time, but for sure we will see: eagles, hawks and small birds; our camp site is at a really quiet and cozy place surrounded by mountains over 3,800mt. At around 16:30 hours, we serve delicious hot soup, followed by the main course. After dinner you can spend some time outside the tents watching the shooting stars, then sleep.

Day 04: Occoruro – Accocasa – wayanay – anacascocha: wake up at 06:00 hrs, then we will have breakfast, we will continue our hike towards the Accoqasa pass 4700m, all the trail is uphill and takes about three hours of walk, here we will reach a summit named accoccasa (4,700 mt), 360º view, place from where we can see many mountains, and using binocular we will be able to see the famous Inca trail to Machu picchu, but what amazes people are for sure the glacier mounts view such as Salkantay, pima sillu, Humantay. From here we will continue by a gentle path lead us to our lunch place. After lunch, a gentle uphill trail will leads us to the Huayanay pass “4600mt”, from where we can see the famous Huacaywillka “veronica” (Sacred Tears), the trail leads by the well preserved old inca trail, here we can see the blue color lagoon named ancascocha “reason why which our hike is named ancascocha trek peru”, here we’ll see some torrent ducks, Huallatas (Andean geese = Chloephaga melanoptera), the andean pecker and some migrant birds. After 3 hours from lunch we will reach the ancascocha camp site, located at a quiet place.

Day 5: Ancascocha – Chancachucu – Inca Stones Quarry: I would say that, this is the longest section in terms of distance of our ancascocha hike. We will start walking at about 07:30 by an inca trail, then crossing an stream we can have an small uphill, then we can walk by a gentle uphill path, then it reaches a place called chancachuku, here there still visible a fence where incas used to farm their llamas and alpacas, after lunch we can enter in to a canyon that is incredibly nice, clear water and green vegetation all year around, then do downhill before and uphill trail to reach the incas water channel, following this trail we will reach the view point of the sacred valley, then arrive in to the incas stones quarry for ollantaytambo, we will see the carved rocks that were ready to transport and some old dwellings, then walk to the camp site near by the incas stone quarry. 14 km of walk in about 8.5 hours.

Day 6: Stones Quarry – Ollantaytambo – Cusco: we will breakfast at an open spot, then we will hike by a gentle trail down to ollantaytambo, it takes about 4 hours only, the view is fantastic and the temperature is usually warm, we will lunch in ollanta then our transport will takes us back to Cusco city where ancascocha trek peru ends with transfer to your hotel. (Optional extension to Machu Picchu upon previous request.