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Ancascocha trek peru, is a path for a trekking tour in cusco region, it has trails that also connects to machu picchu and the sacred valley. A trail that is considered new, and one of the best treks around the world according the national geography, the ancascocha trail leads by: the North West highland of Cusco region, where the lowest campsite is at 4,000mt “12,192 ff”.

Amongst the many ancascocha trek programs offered by tour companies in Peru, our program, leads by the most scenic path, where you will be able to see impressive mountains of the southern Andes, trail with intact flora and fauna; that amazes everyone, reason by which this trekking trail is the best alternative trail to reach machu picchu. The ancascocha region, has many several trails starting at different points, most of them will start at parpiso, or socma. Our trek, will begin at llamakancha, a beautiful look-out place, the most spectacular view of the pampa de anta, we will take you by a non-frequented trail, the only program that will show you the Yanacocha (black lake), and the ancascocha (blue lake), reason by which that our trek is named ancascocha hike, (other companies do not reach this lake in their hike).

Our Ancascocha trek, is advised for people who loves nature, who want to get away from the touristy trails, our company, guarantees that you will have the most scenic trail, from where you can see incredible views, and many stars at night. We will also have the opportunity to walk the by old inca path, a section that is not hiked by the others, an inca trail that looks like a truck road, but there is no trucks that can run by its stairs; while regarding the fauna: We will have opportunity to see the Andean fox, the majestic condors, deers, partridges, the andean pecker, and etc.
100% original program, and organized by our company, leaded by experienced and certified local tour guides, who really knows the trail.
Upon request, we can connect the ancascocha trek to Machu Picchu, through the traditional inca path. Daily departures available in private service.

ancascocha trek
Recommended trek by the national geographic and other sites.

Ancacocha Trek Itinerary

Day 1: Cusco – Llamakancha – Yanacocha. At 06:00hrs, our guide will meet you at your hotel, then taking our private transportation you will drive towards llamacancha (llama fence), after one one from departure, we’ll stop at Zurite, a nice colonial town, the stop is to buy water batteries and or any supply needed because this is the only along the trek, then we can continue driving for about 30 more minutes and arrive llama-cancha, where we will meet our muleteers and pack the equipment to start the hike. A gentle uphill, almost flat and the scenic view, will be the best start for this adventure, then after an hour walk we will reach the summit (4,400 mts – 14, 436 ft). We will approach a wide and black mountain named misti and chonta soccomarka; from the summit we will walk a downhill trail for another hour and reach the lunch spot at the land of sheep herders. After lunch we will continue by the valley towards west, then turn to the north and approach a grassy land named hatun pampa “big flatland”, and reach the camp site at yanacocha, we’ll camp over (4,200mt – 13,779ft) at a great location at the back of the lake, at night we can have the opportunity to enjoy the full of stars sky.
(Trek difficulty: Challenge, distance 8km. walking time: 6 hours).

Day 2: Yanacocha – puma ccasa – Occoruro: wake up with a hot cup of coca tea, then breakfast at 06:30 hrs, then continue our fascinating ancascocha trek, we will hike towards west and after an hour walk, we’ll summit the CCara Cruz “leather cross pass”, this summit is at 4600m, and has the greatest view of the valleys at the west region and ravines or the apurimac canyon, then the trail leads by a gently downhill to pocpoc-pampa, avove of switchback stream named Qenqo Mayu. After about 3 hours from our start we will summit puma-ccasa “puma pass” = 4,600 mts, then walk by a downhill trail for an hour, and stop for lunch. After lunch, we will climb up a switchback section to punku-ccasa “gate pass”, from where a nice flat and downhill trail, will take us to the camp at a place named occoruro, where we will spend the night at a camp surrounded by mountains and grass.
Medium Challenge hike, 12 km and 7 hours of walk.

Day 3: Occoruro – Accocasa – wayanay – anacascocha: wake up at 06:00 hrs, then we will have breakfast, we will continue our hike towards the Accoqasa pass 4700m, all the hike is uphill and takes about three hours of walk, here we will reach a summit named accoccasa (4,700 mt), 360º view, place from where we can see many mountains, and using binocular we will be able to see the famous Inca trail to Machu picchu, but what amazes people are for sure, the glacier mounts view such as: Salkantay, puma sillu, Humantay. From here we will continue by a gentle path lead us to our lunch place. After lunch, a gentle uphill section will leads us to the Huayanay pass “4600mt”, from where we can see the famous Huacaywillka “veronica” (Sacred Tears), the hike leads by the well preserved old inca path, here we can see the blue color lagoon named ancascocha, “from which our program took the name of ancascocha trek”, here we’ll see some torrent ducks, Huallatas (Andean geese = Chloephaga melanoptera), the andean pecker and some migrant birds. After 3 hours from lunch we will reach the highest camp site, located at a quiet place.

Day 4: Ancascocha – Camicancha – Chillca: This day is going to be a gentle hike, we will wake up at about 06:00 hrs, then after breakfast, we will follow the ina tra trail toward the ancascocha community that is located at the bottom of the lake, by then we have had descended a lot, the temperature and the flora has changed a lot, from icchu straw vegetation to multi-color and greener spots, from the ancascocha community, we will bank a clear water river, and after about 4 hours of walk we will reach the camicancha community, at the sacred valley, it is a nice warm and green valley, where we will end our hike, and after lunch we will take our private transport back to the city, or continue to Machu Picchu upon your request.