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Chachapoyas: interesting archaeological site reached by rough unpaved roads and high cloud forests. The town was an important junction on jungle–coast trade routes until a paved road was built in the 1940s through nearby Pedro Ruíz, bypassing Chachapoyas altogether. The unlikely capital of the department of Amazonas, this pleasant colonial settlement has now a market and makes an excellent base for exploring the awesome ancient ruins left behind by the fierce civilization of the Chachapoyas (People of the Cloud Forest). Kuelap, in the cloud forests of Northern Peru: Ideal for combining ecology and archaeology, opportunity for leisure and adventure travel. Kuelap is the second highest and longest mountain range, and the driest desert. It also has the “lost stone citadels” and some Inca Trails, Waterfalls and mini-eco zones, there are also orchids, bromeliads and hummingbirds live close together in this “eternal spring”, sharing a good ecology and climate.

chachapoyas kuelap karajia tours itinerary

Day 01. Chachapoyas – Kuelap Chachapoyas: our personnel will meet you at your hotel at 08:30 and depart towards the archaeological complex of Kuelap, the trail is interesting that shows native treek, few villagers and before arriving to our destination we stop at the archaeological site of Macro which i son the river Banks of Uctubamba, then we continue for about one hour and arrive to Kuelap which is at 3000m. At arrival our guide will describe the place and show you the rounded 500 building including the tallest strure on limestone. The building are covered by bromeliads and orchids, after walking in this great complex we will end the tour in about 3 hours, after tour we lunch and have some time to relax at the place, then after that we retun to Chachapoyas town arriving at around 18:00 hours, we take you back to your hotel.

Day 02. Chachapoyas – Sarcofaguses of Karajia – Quiocta Cavern: At 08 in the morning our personnel will meet you at your hotel and drive you to Cruzpata from where we start hiking for 30 minutes and arrive to the sarcofagues of Karajia, these are unique tombs from pre-columbian times, those are kind of dolls that they look from a distance, the guide will explain the tecniues and the reason of the tombs, then we will stop for lunch. After lunch we continue our tour to visit the Quiocta Caverns after this fascinating day we return to Chachapoyas town arriving at around 18:00 hours, then spend the night.

Day 03. Gocta Water Falls: at 8:30 our guide will meet you at the hotel and take you to the wáter falls of Gocta, to reach to this place we will ride horses, if you are not familiar riding horses we can walk, the timing is about the same, we will see two beautiful waterfalls, there will be time to take bath in this magic wáter, then return to a tiown named cocachimba for lunch. After good local lunch our driver will mee tus and drive us back to Chachapoyas bus terminal for your bus back to chiclayo, end of our Chachapoyas Kuelap Karajia, Gocta Water Falls.