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Discovering the numerous scattered attractions of Peru`s capital, can be quite difficult and you might miss a vital part of Lima. A nice way to discover the charm of Lima without any hassle is to make the good tour of this old city of Lima. There are lots of companies in Lima doing all sorts of tours and trips through the city center, we are a company with personalized service, our member tour guides are expert in museums, temples, and all places we visit. If you prefer unique experience, do not hesitate contacting us. So we can make our best effort to make your visit to Lima a good memory that will last for long time. Our Lima City tour offers the best combination of the different attractions in its three periods.

Lima City Tour Itinerary

At 09:00 hours our guide will meet you at your hotel in order to start with the “Ancestral Lima”, we’ll begin with a great panoramic view of La Huaca Pucllana, and it’s an old pre-Inca construction dating back to 500 DC. It has been considered sacred city by the incas, you’ll walk observing the adobe bricks wall, then we will head towards the heart of the lima city to visit it’s the “colonial Lima”. Once we reach in to the center of the city, we will start a nice walking tour that will take us to see various attractions of the city. Among them we will start visiting the Paseo de la Republica “Promenade of the Republic”, then the San Martin Square and the main square “Plaza Mayor” with its different buildings: Government Palace, Archbishop’s Palace, the Cathedral of Lima and the Municipal Palace. The tours in nice , it seems that we had returned in time, the guide is explaining all the history, while we continue our tour lead to the Convent of San Francisco, which was built during the colonial period and still today keeps all the treasures from the Spanish times, we will see the subterranean catacombs. Then it’s time to return to the present period, we will head to the contemporary section of Lima metropolis, we’ll visit the district of San Isidro, stopping at its Olive Grove. Finally we will visit Mira Flores with its nice parquet del amor, then we’ll go to the shopping center named Larco Mar, which was built on a spectacular cliff from where we can watch the Pacific Ocean.
(Duration of tour: 3 – 4 hours. No minimum required, Available only in Private Service).

Lima is not only the capital of the country, it is also home of some interesting archaeological sites such as Caral “the oldest city of the americas” and also Pachacamac which is one of the most impressive archaeological sites in the central coast of Peru, it is located in Lurin Valley, at 31 km south from the City of Lima. This place was a pre-Inca the settlement and conquered by Inca cultures, which venerated Pachacamac god “the creator of world”. It was considered the most important deity of the Central Coast. But know its legacy are interesting building that will surprise you because of its architecture.

Lima archaeological tour itinerary

Our lima archaeological tour begins at 09:00 in the morning our personnel pick you up from your hotel and transfers to Pachacamac archaeological site. It takes about 1.5 hours to reach the site because of the traffic in the city, then once arriving to the place our guide will bring you to the most important sector of this complex, the site has been made with thousands of hundreds of adobe bricks, and you feel the sensation of the mysticism of the site, there is no rush so while you walk in this old place you can take pictures for your memory, the guide will provide you with detailed information of each sector. There are different sectors such as: complex of Adobitos, pyramids with ramps, the Streets that unified the holy city of Pachacamac, the Painted Temple, The Temple of the Sun and the “Acllahuasi” or “home of chosen women”. Then also we will visit the Site Museum which exhibits archaeological objects found in various excavations, such as pottery, textiles and the famous wooden idol which the ancient villagers in the Central Coast venerated and which represents the creator of the world “pachacamac”.

After site tour you will have some free time in order you can have snacks and see the local souvenirs. After an exciting tour we’ll return to Lima city where the tour will finish with the transfer to your hotel.