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The moon temple hike, leads from Killarumiyoc known as also moonstone to the largest terraces of the world in Zurite District. The place has a fantastic landscape and joints two interesting archaeological sites such as: the moon temple and andenes “inca agricultural terraces”, the moonstone is a huge limestone rock where is carved a moon. For the Incas, the moon was considered a Goddess, reason by which it was worshipped at that stone, it’s not just a temple, it was as well a moon calendar; by the other hand there is the andenes de Zurite “the largest terraces of the world which even known are used for farming a place where we can see many native crops being farmed. The moonstone hike is the best new hiking option for training before the inca trail hike or any larger hikes.

Our moonstone hike or moon temple hike, is a day program that leads by impressive landscape, a hike that is known only by local tour guides, it also means that along the way it is very hard to see other people or guides doing it.

***it is rated from easy to intermediate difficulty, great landscape, known only by our member guides, no minimum required! This killarumiyoc hike is advised for those who wants a training hike prior long and high altitude treks. Ask this day hike as moonstone hike or moon temple day hike.
available only in private service:

Moon Temple hike – moonstone hike, cusco day hike

Our moon temple hike begins with a meet up in your hotel and drive for about one hour to trail head, it starts eith gentle walk to killarumiyoc. The killarumiyoc archaeological site consists in inca buildings including farming terraces, water channels located only at 30 minutes on slow walking from the highway.

The most important thing to see in killarumiyoc is a big carved stone, which is supposed to be an inca moon calendar , there is also lots of terraces and cave where pre-history of this part of cusco lived. the tour will take about half and hour. Then, sun after we hike on gradual up hill to see some more sites of this place, then we rich a channel used for irrigating farmlands, good time for our box lunch on river bank and see the landscape of this region, then we walk banking channel for about 3 hours and we reach Zurite town. Zurite has full of undeveloped sites, this town has nice colonial temple, inka agriculture terraces, and a inka city wich has been covered underground and just couple years ago the cusco university made same studies excavation and clearly discovered a city on a ceremonial knife shape called tumi, after visiting this site we get our transport and go to see the Inkas biggest agricultural terraces in the same district then we can back and arrive cusco on around 18:00 hrs. This is our best new hike in cusco