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This Cusco sacred valley hike, is a fantastic day hike that takes place in pumamarka ravine, fantastic hike from easy to medium challenge walk in one of the ravines getting in to the sacred valley, this hike visited by only few people in a month, and advised for people who are staying in the sacred or in cusco city, but want to discover new places. The hike takes to Pumamarka which is an interesting archaeological park, build in a quiet area, on a plateau with an amazing view of the valley and surrounding mountains, the place shows dwellings, terraces and tombs build at precipices, this is at a breathtaking location, with a lush forest at close by, and snow covered mountains view at a distance.

Recommended place for nature lovers, or simply if you want to run away from the noise and pollution of the city, this hike in the sacred valley and it is one of the best day hikes in cusco area, a recommended place for meditation, or just seat and enjoy the views.

Discover and enjoy incredible non frequented places with an expert local guide. Daily departures available only in a private tour.
available only in private service:

Sacred Valley Hike Itinerary

At 8:00 in the morning, I will meet you in your hotel at the sacred valley, or in Cusco city, then we drive towards ollantay tambo, from ollantay tambo we drive towards north, by a ravine for about 20 minutes, then we cross a bridge and drive up to a place where we park the transport, from here we walk by a grassy path to a lonely archaeological park, the walk is by local farming lands, with crops on blooming according the season, we also are going to see nice structures build with stones that were used to store crops in inca times. At arriving at the archaeological we will enter and see many dwellings, with stones and covered with clay-stucco, there is also a large building with many waterways facing to south, and small buildings facing to the north.

After some relax time, we return to ollantaytambo and visit the old Inca town as well as the archaeological park, after this tour we will drive you back to your hotel in Urubamba, Cusco or do an extensión tour to Machu Picchu.

OptionalOur private sacred valley hike can start in your place, either if you are in cusco city, at the airport of at pisaq, urubamba or ollantay tambo in the sacred valley.