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Tipon, pikillacta andahuaylillas, are interesting archaeological sites located at the south east of cusco, known as south valley tours, or the east valley tour (but these places are more to the east than south), by the way these are places full of cultural value. We will find water fountains, pre-inca city, and a nice colonial chapel. We begin our journey with the archaeological group of “Tipon” with their ceremonial and agricultural terraces, then the pre-inca city of pikillacta, and the nicest chapel of Americas “Andahuaylillas”, famous for its mural paintings. Our our group service starts at 09 in the morning, while for our private service we can deopart at any time before 13:00 hours. We are passionate expert local guides who will provide you a good history and make you visit more pleasant.

The East Valley of cusco tour

Tipon: Once we depart from cusco city, we arrive to the place in about one hour, It’s located at 23Km, from Cusco. Tipon is an archaeological site composed of agricultural terraces irrigated by well-engineered canals, which in spite of hundreds of years are still functioning. Today history says is the best water engineering system, its terraces may have been used as agricultural research center and the fountains are to worship the water.

Piquillaqta: Pikillacta is at 32Km (19,9mi) from the city of Cusco, It’s the only archaeological site in the Department of Cusco that is attributed to pre-Incan times. The construction is thought to belong to the Wari civilization. It was built on a promontory, below the Wacarpay Lake, the city had 800 warehouses to support the population. Below that lake provides a nice panorama, it is has a racing circuit where rally car competitions are held.

Andahuaylillas: Andahuaylillas is located at 40 km from Cusco (28,9mi), where you can observe native  trees, houses where on the roof you can see the toritos de Pucara (these are bulls and chrosses, that means the union between Andean and Catholic religious. In the andahuaylillas town we visit the church of Saint Peter. Temple that has been founded by the viceroy Francisco de Toledo as all the parishes surrounding Cusco around (1572). The Renaissance architecture of the inside of the church was completely covered with murals around the seventeenth century, this fascinating art makes it unique and the nicest chapel of the Americas.

The groups service ends after 5 hours at around 14 hours, while the private service depending at what time you started may end at 18 hours in cusco city.