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Sacred valley tour, takes place in a vast field that joins several populations, at the north of Cusco city. It was called sacred, because of the Urubamba River (the urubamba river that passes through this valley was considered the parallel of the Milky Way). In this valley there are developed a rich agricultural society. The incas built many farming terraces, towns, warehouses, such as Pisac, Ollantaytambo, and Chinchero. Places with thousands of Histories to tell. The sacred valley tour Peru, also involves the visit to the traditional textiles weaving centers, handicrafts and silver workshops, and many other. Here we introduce you our traditional sacred valley tour, but if you are looking something different write us and we will send you a great proposal that will fit with your needs, The sacred valley tour peru, is one of our favorite tours.

We are expert guides who knows how to run away from the crowds, that is why our new sacred valley tour begins
in opposite direction to the other operators, it means that: while others start the sacred valley tour in Pisac, for us the first place to visit is chincheor and the last one will be pisaq.

If you are staying in the sacred valley, urubamba town, ollantay tambo, or Pisaq, we can start this tour from your place. Contact us today and book the sacred valley tour with us, available in private and small group service.
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The sacred Valley tour of Cusco, Peru

Sacred valley tour, day tour starts at 08:00hrs, with meet up at your hotel and drive toward northwest, the 1st place to stop will be chinchero; it’s a nice town on the highlands where we can visit the the fascinating colonial church where we can see, the murals fully painted during the 17th century, then visit a weaving house and see, how the ladies weave fine textiles and will show us the dyeing, and washing of alpaca and sheep wool. Then we can drive to ollantambo a place to admire wall built with carved giant rocks, then driving through the valley we will stop at Urubamba for lunch.
After lunch we can continue and stop at the typical market of pisaq which is a famous market in the sacred valley, after some time for pictures, we’ll drive to Pisaq Archaeological site, and do a walk to see an old inca village at the summit on a mountain, we will see as well the tombs, and terraces; then we will heat back to the valley and drive back to Cusco city, where our sacred valley tour ends.
As optional, our sacred valley tour can skit pisaq, and instead of this place, we can visit the salt mines and moray Our private sacred valley tour can start in your place, either if sacred valley or cusco city and connect to your train at ollantaytambo.
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