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Sacred valley private tour Peru: Is a fascinating tour with daily departures, it is located at the north of Cusco city. It was called sacred, because of the urubamba river (the river that passes through, which was considered the parallel of the Milky Way). A vast field of about 90km large, valley that joints several towns, and villages, where the soil is rich and abundant fresh water from the snow mountains.

Valley where incas built, many farming terraces, towns, warehouses, etc. our sacred valley includes visit to the famous Pisac, Ollantaytambo, and Chinchero. Places with thousands of histories to tell, and our tours includes the visit to the traditional textiles weaving centers, handicrafts, silver workshops, and many other sites in our exclusive small group or private sacred valley tour.

For our traditional service, we depart at 08:30 from Cusco city and follow the regular circuit, while in our exclusive private tour, we can begin in cusco city, from Urubamba, pisaq, ollantaytabo or any location in the valley, and do the tour in that way that it can allow us to run away from the crowds, and visit each site at a time where there is not as many as in the regular itinerary. We sacred valley expert tour guides, kids, seniors and family travel friendly, fluent in English, Italian and have availability in German, Portuguese and French languages, contact us today to have a good rate and quick feedback.

Option 01 – regular group service:It begins at 08:45 hrs, from cusco city, with the transfer from your hote, then the bus departs at 09:00hrs towards Pisaq, Before arriving at pisaq the bus will stop in a great view point to the sacred valley named Mirador de Taray, you will have time to take pictures and buy some souvenirs, then we continue and stop at the typical market of pisaq which is at the main square, then  continue to Pisaq Archaeological park, and walk by a nice trail overlooking the terraces up to the main point, after visiting the village on the hill, continue towards ollanta, along the way we see beautiful villages such as: Coya, Lamay, Calca, and we’ll stop at Urubamba for lunch.

From lunch the tour continues to Ollantaytambo, to see its magnificent structures and get amazed by the water fountains, then we drive to Chinchero and visit it’s weaving house, enjoy watching the ladies, who weave fine textiles and will show us, how they dye and wash the alpaca and sheep wool.

Option 02 – sacred valley private tour.Itinerary completely adjusted to your needs, we can begin either at cusco city, at your arrival from the airport, or from any part of the sacred valley such as Pisaq town, Urubamba, tre train station or ollantaytambo town.

If we start in cusco city, we will do it on backwards, “we can begin visiting chinchero first”, then ollantaytambo, if we start at ollantaytambo town or the train station, then we can visit the archaeological park and after that we can drive towards pisaq or include the salt mines and moray, then drive to chinchero and end it at the sacred valley, or end it at cusco city.