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Titicaca Lake Tours

titicaca lake tours, visit uros floating island, amantani and taquile

Titicaca lake tours: Located in Puno region of Peru, Over 3,827 meters above sea level (12,500 ft). its population is around 250,000 inhabitants in the city, on the banks of Titicaca Lake, it is as well the world’s highest navigable lake – displays the reminiscences of its origin through cave paintings and spearheads, testimony of our highland ancestor’s life. The Collao Plateau; this is the geographical place where ancient and important cultures like Pucara, and the later Tiahuanaco, where settled, while during colonial times, the Spaniards were attracted to puno, by its mineral richness, bringing new cultural, social and economic patterns along.

Our itinerary, is completely designed to show you the authentic lake in the high andes, the nature beauty, in its different villages such: Uros floating islands, where people live on thatched houses, and fish on their reed boats, taquile and Amantani are as well magnificent villages on the islands, where you can experience the life of locals by sharing the evening with a local host and be involved in the life of the community.

Our Titicaca lake tours is an ideal tour for visitors to South America, who are including Bolivia and peru in their itinerary. Daily departures available in private and small groups.

Tour Itinerary

Day 01: (Uros Floating island and Taquile), early morning (07:00 am) our transfer personnel will pass through your hotel and drive you to titicaca lake harbour to board the motor boat towards the floating islands of Uros that are located at 40 minutes at an elevation of “3,810m/12,500ft”. The islands consists in houses made of reeds and has been inhabited by the uros, now a days is a nice lake that host many people that are leaving exactly in the same way than hundreds of years ago, the community member will welcome us and make a brief explanation of their organization, there will be time to explore the area, make pictures and ride the typical boat made of reeds (extra fee 2 us$). After some time at the floating island the group will continue by boat enjoying interesting view of the lake that has blue color and at a long distance some of the shores of the lake, after about 02 hours by boat the group will reach another and very nice island named Taquile, that is at an elevation of “3810m/12,500ft” and a maximum elevation of “4050/13,287ft”. At our arrival we will be received by a group of inhabitants from la island and bring us to their home where we will share part of their tradition, the island stay is fantastic because they will put you with their typical custom, you will participate in their activities then after dinner you will spend the night (dinner is provided by your hoster family, typical dinner that may contain quinoa soup, vegetables and some of the typical food.

Day 02: (Taquile, Amantani and Puno), you will wake up with the natural alarm clock of rusters, then your family “the family that hosts you” will be waiting for you with traditional breakfast that consist in boiled potatoes, local tea and some milk coffee, etc, you will say good bye to the island. You will walk down to the harbour and take the boat towards Amantani, (This Island is located at an elevation of 3810m/12,500ft and a maximum of 4150m/13,615ft) this is another beautiful take that is home for a large group of native community. This island is the second biggest on the lake and it is inhabited by Quechua speaking people, they are farmers, form the old time to now they still farm the Andean products such as potatoes, quinoa, etc. characteristic to the island is their dark color customs. After arrival to the island the guide will give you some directions and you will have time to explore the area and lunch by your own. There is opportunity to buy some souvenirs and interact with locals. Then the guide will meet you at a certain place and you will walk down to the harbour and take the motor boat that will take you back to Puno city arriving at around 17:00 hours.

A magnificent Itinerary for people who are willing to unique experiences, “available in private and small groups.
If you want to have more info, just let us to know.

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  • Visit to places according the Itinerary.
  • English speaking professional tour guide.
  • Fee for all visited places.
  • Meals.
  • Extras not mentioned in the Itinerary.