Amazon Jungle Peru, more than 60% of our land is jungle, from Bolivian border passing Brazil, Colombia and Ecuador, a land that keeps a wide amount of ecoregions, flora and wildlife, the amazon jungle peru is very rich not only in wildlife and vegetation, there are as well a large amount of native communities.

Find out here, a link to our programs that has being created thinking of you, all our programs includes the fee to the parks, English speaking professional jungle tour guides, in itineraries, that suits better for you:

Iquitos Amazon Tour, it is located in the northern deepest jungle province named loreto, a good place for ayahuasca drinking; Tambopata Jungle Trips, located in madre de dios province at the north east of peru, for nature and luxury lodge lovers; cusco jungle tour “discover the pongo the mainique locate at la convencion province of Cusco region”, the highlight of this area are the magnificent water falls; Peru amazon Tours, in madre de Dios region of peru, easy to reach by plane or bus from cusco; manu reserved zone, a place where you can see the cloud forest, high jungle and the reserve park at low jungle; manu cultural zone, 4 days adventure combining land and river transport from Cusco.

Unique programs, some of them are including night excursions, stay in a quality selection of, lodges, and come of our trips includes camping at platforms. Tours leaded by expert jungle naturalist guides, with departures from lima, and cusco city

cusco jungle tour, pongo mainique tours, waterfalls in cusco peru: From the magi. See complete info >>

Manu reserved zone tours, is part of the largest jungle that we have, Peru like . See complete info >>

Iquitos amazon tours. On the banks of the headwaters of the Amazon River, is the. See complete info >>

Peru Amazon Tours: Located deep in Peru’s National Reserve “Tambopata”. See complete info >>

Tambopata Jungle Trips: Visit Peru’s Tambopata National Reserve, a place w. See complete info >>

Manu cultural zone “The most important request for the development of the ecot. See complete info >>

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