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Information about volunteering; Information for travelers consisting in how to get in to a place, which plane companies and how the weather is.

Community Projects; where you find info about where to help and what projects are really needed and useful for the locals.

Frequently asked question by travelers; find out about 30 answers to questions for travelers to Peru.

Information about the most important festivities and events, you will also find information about our booking conditions before you book.

Peru tour Deals; from time to time we have deals and discount for groups, solo travelers in private and group service, there is also information regarding info for people who need special care such as people with some disabilities, children and solo travelers.

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We are a company dedicated to Traditional, cultural, ecological and adventure tours in Cusco Region and Peru. We Provide Tours such as .

From the most important Peru Public Holidays (Around 3,000 annual folk festivals that are carried out every year in Peru), Here we have.

It is usual to have a question about a place that is in the travel list, questions about food, places to visit, the people, transportat.

Community Projects Peru. It’s an excellent way of learning about the local culture and it is becoming familiar with the local languag.

Find here tourist information for travelers that are coming to Cusco and Peru. By far the easiest way to travel between Lima and Cusco .

Female solo travel in peru, tour for people with extreme care, gay lesbian and disabled travelers: As with most undeveloped countries, .

Volunteering Peru Information: The voluntary works in Peru, especially in cusco, has plenty of choices, but we are not a placement orga.

Peru Tour Deals: We are specialist in small groups, but we are also prepared to cater large groups of friends and / or delegations. In .

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