Machu Picchu Treks, are a selección of the most important adventure tours, to reach machu picchu inca city, using one of the many inca trails. The Incas made magnificent trails, thousands of kilometers, that interconnected them to towns, villages, sanctuaries, and all places in their territory, including: Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Bolivia, Argentina and Chile. Our trekking programs, are basically the selección of the the best paths to reach the machu picchu.

Our itineraries, involves spending nights in tents, where you can see unique, and magnificent landscapes, magnificent view of stars and constellations at night, and have the best of your, experiences before reaching machu picchu. We will provide the tents, food, transportation, and, where we guarantee, that our staff will be part of your lifetime merory.

Our treks to machu picchu has, original itineraries, set to run away from the crowds. “vegetarian food option available, experienced local guides, fluent in English will be a plus.
Here is the selection of all trekking tours, that leads to machu picchu treks:
classic inca trail 4 days and 3 nights,  short inca trail 1 day hike to machu picchu, complete inca trail 7 days trip,  salkantay hike traditional path with lodge options, lares to machu picchu connecting by train on the 3th day, choquequirao machu picchu the hardest hike, Vicabamba to Machu Picchu an alternate inca trail, and finally Huchuy Qosqo Machu Picchu.

Choquequirao Machu Picchu trekking, takes us by a non-frequented path, you will . See complete info >>

Salkantay trek, is one of our 5 days trekking programs, in private tour; it runs. See complete info >>

Short Inca Trail, is a fantastic 1 day hike to Machu Picchu, 12 kilometer of sac. See complete info >>

Huchuy Qosqo Trek, is an alternative trekking tour, that brings you to see the s. See complete info >>

Lares Machu Picchu Hike: leads by the native community of lares, in the lares va. See complete info >>

Vilcabamba trek, is part of our alternative wonderful trekking program, that bri. See complete info >>

Inca trail to machu picchu is a dream come true for many people and provides a f. See complete info >>

Complete inca trail: Is the sacred inca trail to machu picchu; Many people think. See complete info >>

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