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Vilcabamba Espiritu Pampa Trek

Vilcabamba to Expiritu Pampa Trek, 7 days adventure thrhout the andes and high jungle

Enjoy our Vilcabamba Espiritu Pampa trek, a wealth of flora, fauna, snow peaks, impressive valleys while at the same time visiting the most remote site of the ikncas available to visit, it’s archaelogical sites are unique in the midle of the vegetation. the vilcabamba to espiritu pampa trek start at the charming village of Huancacalle, we follow some excellent examples of the Qhapaq Ñan – or royal roads of the Inkas before heading off into “unknown territory”, crossing great mountains chain. This is a unique expedition, off the beaten path into the Vilcabamba range. This area has a tremendous scenic variety, with snow-capped mountains and a high jungle. in vilcabamba There are many archaeological sites to visit such as; Ñusta Hispana, a classic ceremonial plaza lined with massive Inca stone work. Vitcos, is the residence of the last Inca Manco Inca, its the place where the Spaniards murdered Manco.
Trek available only in private service: Daily departures.

Vilcabamba Trekking

Day 01: Cusco – Huancacalle: This fantastic Vilcabamba Espiritu Pampa Trek, starts with an early departure from cusco (05:00am), and drive towards Ollantaytambo, from ollantaytambo the bus road is up hill until the Malaga pass at 4,600m, the summit of the road offers such a fantastic view of wakay willca snow mount, also the valley of la convecion. On the road we pass some small Inca sites, we may stop at one of the villages to see the way of the local campesinos (farmers). Then we descent to 1000m in a humid tropical setting with plantations of coca and fruit groves. We will arrive at noon to Huancacalle 3400m, the last village on the way. At arrival we’ll lunch. After lunch Lunch we will start with a gentle hike crossing a river we take a trail through vines and bushes to see the inca site of Vitcos, then we go to the white rock named by locals as “Nusta Hispana” which is the highest point of the tour at 3500m, after walking around these historical sites we’ll be back to the camp. the place to camp is a yard of a hostel that is owned by the community. at 3400m
(Trek difficulty: Moderate. Total distance: 4 km. Estimated walking time: 4 hours).

Day 02: Huancacalle – Qollpaq´asa – Utullo Qocha: We start our hike through the valley banking a river towards the village of vilcabamba la vieja, then we arrive in to a less populated village named Yupanqa, where we may lunch. After lunch the trail continues banking the Upamayo river, then after couple more hours we arrive to the Qollpaqasa pass at 3700m, the summit offers a great view of snow mounts such as Pumasillu “puma torns”, from the summit we can see the whole valley of the Concevidayoq, the trail turns in to downhill, the finale we arrive in to a remote beautiful place named Utullo Qocha at 3400 m wich is the our camp (lowest point), in the middle of nature.
(Trek Difficulty: Medium Challenge. Total distance: 14 km. Estimated walking time: 7 hours).

Day 03: Utullo Qocha – Ututo: The sunrise if clear is amazing, the valley and its clouds are just hard to describe, after breakfast we descend in to the cloud forest, and we pass the Maukachaka (old bridge). We continued a pure nature almost unpopulated lands, we stop for lunch by concevidayoc river (this is the area from where an inca trail is leading to the real pampaconas river from where by hidden trail it is leading to the capital of the incas refuge vilcabamba), but our trail is to one of biggest town in vilcabamba area “Espiritu pampa”. After lunch we keep descending toward Ututo which is kind of wide area closer to a river, where if energy and time allows we can catch some native fish. Delicious dinner is served and finally we camp at about 1550m.
(Trek Difficulty: Medium. Total distance: 15 km. Estimated walking time: 7 hours. Maximum altitude point: 3600m).

Day 04: Ututu – Vista Alegre: The journey is quiet interesting because from time to tim,e we can pass by some kind of inca wall and trails that not vieble if we not pay attention, the trail goes gentle uphills and down hills, the path continues in to more dense vegetation “cloud forest”, and litle by litle to the high jungle, the trail offers a wide amount of plant, the weather is warmer. We lunch then continue a gentle downhill by Challcha River (it is the same concevidayoc river that has the name of challcha at the higher point). If lucky we may see the Peru’s national bird “rupicola peruviana” gallito de las rocas, the trail leads towards Vista alegre “the happy view), where we will camp in the middle of nature at around 1420m.
(Trek Difficulty: Gentle. Total distance: 12 km. Estimated walking time: 7 hours.)

Day 05: Vista Alegre – Concevidayoc. A fresh warm weather welcome us to continue an unforgettable trip, nutritious breakfast and after that we re-start, we have got reached to the Vilcabamba Valley, the trail leads gentle uphill to Q’asa Cruz “cross of the pass”, an interesting day for nature lovers, an area full of trees, flowers, vines and chusqueas, if luck allows we will appreciate the national birth of peru Rupicola peruviana known as tunki at Tunkimayu “coks of the rocks river”, the trail follows surrounded by dense vegetation and finally we arrive to the camp at Concebidayoc (1450m, lowest popint of the day).
(Trek Difficulty: Gentle. Total distance: 16 km. Estimated walking time: 7 hours.)

Day 6: Concevidayoc – Espiritu pampa – Chihuankiri. “This is the expected day”, early wake up is the best beginning, we walk towards the east, the area is lush and little by little we get closer to espiritu pampa, this area is considered a natural vantage point, you will appreciate the portion of the plateau which is formed by the triangle between Concevidayoc and Chintamayu River (Concevidayoc river, not Pampaconas, this is a miss interpretation of the chronics). Non we’re arrived to the archaeological group of Espiritu Pampa “1510m”. the complex has been recently excavated, the archaeologist of ministry of culture from cusco has discovered many important objects, where the main treasure is the discovery is a burial that belongs to the lord of wari with gold objects “wari is an important culture before the incas) then of course the area has being conquested by the incas who even kept using the area during Spanish invasion as place to resist spanish) you will have a guide tour by the most important sectors of the area, then we’ll lunch, after lunch we depart towards Chihuankiri by downhill trail, at arrival set up the camp dinner and spend the night in a small village named chihuankiri over 950m.
(Trek Difficulty: Gentle. Total distance: 12 km. Estimated walking time: 7 hours).

Day 7: Chihuankiri – Quillabamba – Cusco. Breakfast and time to say god bay the hiking. We breakfast and take our private vehicle that will ride us though the jungle to the city of Quillabamba where we lunch in a local restaurant. After lunch we have 06 hours of bus ride by an asphalted road, we arrive to Cusco and take you back to your hotel. Our fantastic expedition vilcabamba to espiritu pampa has successfully ended, for a long time it will be your history to tell.
(Lowest point: (950m). Bus Ride: 9 hours).

  • Transfer from hotel to start point of trek (private transport)
  • Complete meals during trek (Lunch, Dinner, snaks, tea time)
  • Tents: 2 people in each 3-people-capacity tent, to allow for higher comfort and keep backpacks. Our tents are 3-season, new, highly maintained to ensure an excellent performance in field.
  • Inflatable sleeping mattress.
  • Dining tent with tables and chairs, Kitchen tent, Toilet ten
  • English speaking professional guide (2 guides for groups over 8 people)
  • Cook: Expert in traditional, gourmet, vegetarian food andcooking assistant.
  • cooking equipment. Clean and new
  • Horses (to carry tents, food and cooking equipment) – days 1 to 6.
  • Muleteers to manage equipment and horses.
  • Emergency horse.
  • Accommodation for our guides, cook and Muleteers.
  • First-aid kit including emergency oxygen bottle.
  • Fe for vitcos and Espiritu Pampa.
  • Return Transport From Chihuankiri to Cusco (Private Transport).
  • Sleeping bag: (Available for hire at our office)..
  • 1st day breakfast, Dinner on the last day.