Peru Shamanic Retreats

Peru Shamanic Retreats, Mystical tours, Cusco Shamanic Wedding, Healing, etc.

Peru Shamanic Retreats: Is part of our mystical tours, where we provide; Cusco Shamanic wedding ceremonies, healing rituals; are part our authentic programs, which takes you in touch with, the magic world of the Incas. It is a path that helps you to find sense of truth of the existence.

Some people may know it as well as Mystical tours, the Cusco shamanic healing rituals are part of the andean traditional medicine, still hidden knowledge that is still practiced by the Andean Priests “inca priests descendants”, or Shamans who are able to share it with you.

All the old cultures in the world, emphasized their knowledge in to the esoteric, or mystical world, cultures such as: Egypt, India, China, Persia and Rome, in the American continent, Mayas and Aztecs in the north, the Incas in the South America.

From old times up to nowadays, Peru is deeply immersed in mysticism as in the past, the shamanic healing is present in the entire territory and especially the Andes region, where shaman masters who know how to manage every situation, are the spiritual guides who can help with the retreats.

We offer Sacred Coca Leaf Reading ceremony, Meditation and cleansing in old Inca sanctuaries, Gratefulness Offerings to the inca deities and mother earth, Andean marriages “spiritual union, Natural engagement”, Wachuma or San Pedro Drinking “mescaline beverage ceremony”, Pilgrimages to Sacred Sanctuaries, Ayahuasca Retreat “vine of soul drinking”, An amazon medicine drinking ceremony, etc.

All the mentioned above are some of our Peru Shamanic Retreats, below you can see more info of each ritual.


Peru Shamanic Retreats, with authentic native shamans

In the Old Peruvian Cultures; the creator God “Wiracocha” is the supreme lord. In his infinite love and leverage, to all the creation gave to man, freedom of election, and be able to elect between good or bad, but also provided the intelligence, and capacity to use universal laws on his favor. Came to Cusco, and be part of the mystical retreats, where our Andean priests (Shamans), will show you the path.

Here is a list of some of our unique Peru shamanic healing, and ceremonies that are entirely organized by us; rituals performed by authentic and experienced Andes masters “shaman” from native villages.

  • Sacred Coca Leaves Reading ceremony. (Sacred Coca Leaf Reading ritual” future telling or advice to take the better path.)
  • Meditation and cleansing in old Inca sanctuaries.
  • Gratefulness Offerings to the Andean deities and mother earth.
  • Andean marriages (spiritual union, Natural engagement).
  • Wachuma or San Pedro Drinking “mescaline beverage ceremony.
  • Pilgrimages to Sacred Sanctuaries.
  • Ayahuasca Retreat “vine of soul”, Andean amazon medicine drinking ceremony.

Sacred Coca Leaf Reading ceremony:

Future telling or advice, to take the better path” This ritual is essential in the andean life. Ceremony that consists in a prior enquire, using the sacred coca leaf, a question to the andean deities where the answers, are decoded by our shaman in order to diagnose the person luck and seek a possible solution in: Health, work, and Love.

This ceremonies can be organized in a Group or individually.

Where can it be done? This Ceremonies can be done it your hotel room, at our office, or for a better result in a sacred sanctuary.

Meditation and cleansing in old Inca sanctuaries:

Cusco was the capital of the inca culture, and they used to say it is the universe center, maybe not be as the geological location, but it is the center of the energy in the world, it is a perfect location for our retreats.

The temples they built has being carefully selected, at every energetic points, they built precious shrines, sites that were correlated with the constellations, and aligned with the solstices, equinoxes, etc.

Our Cusco Shamanic healing, are taking place at these special places, where we can meditate, and reach the peace that the souls seeks. As locals we know this places, and we can brings you to non-tourist places for better result.

Cusco extraordinary legacy of magic and mysticism, is perfect for meditating, and do, pilgrimages to this Sacred Sanctuaries.

Gratefulness Offerings to the Andean deities and mother earth:

The Gratefulness or offering ceremonies, are the way how Peruvians say thank you, to the nature for all the benefits, that they receive in this life, benefits such as: Health, abundance in their livestock, good agricultural production, and business; the offerings to the mother earth, has a fundamental meaning between the man, and the andes deities such as:

Apu “holly mounts”, lakes rivers, the sun, the moon, and shrines in special locations in the earth. For deities at the upper world, or here in the mother earth: The offerings are symbolic way in which, the man gives back to the nature, for what he/she has got from the mother earth.

The main objective is the re-establishment of the reciprocity, between the human being, and nature; this are continuous rituals, from the old time up to now. Our Andean masters “Shamans”, are in charge or this rituals, this are done in sacred sanctuaries.

Andean Shamanic Wedding (spiritual union “marriage”, Spiritual engagement):

The shamanic wedding, is a ceremony thorough a spiritual way, where you are declared couple forever. The shaman is in charge of the ceremony, and the sacred coca leaves are the main ingredient, as precious gift to to the Andean deities, that will pour their blessings on your favor, in order to engagement will be beneficial to you .

This mystical ritual, you will not need many paper work, you only need to let us know when would you like it to be done, we can arrange this special ceremony with one of our best shamans.

You will get involved in the Andean traditions, where while the shaman makes the union, the andean music will escort the ceremony, it will give a magic touch to your wedding, this rituals takes place in secret old inca shrine.

Wachuma or San Pedro Drinking “mescaline beverage ceremony: San Pedro beverage “The Miracle Healer”, for internal spiritual cleaning using an ancient plant (Echinopsis pachanoi), this sacred cactus is the visionary teacher, our ancient masters used this plant from unmemorable times.

It helps us to heal our internal chakras, stay in spiritual valance, to learn and awaken, and assists us in reaching higher states of consciousness, it also improves your visionary power which, can help you to let go of “the illusions of the world” and attract the positivism in your life.

There are two ways to take part in this ceremony, during the day, or during the night, the effect take from 8 to 10 hours.

Ayahuasca Retreat “vine of soul” Andean amazon medicine drinking ritual: Our traditional Ayahuasca retreat “VINE OF SOUL” is led by one of our expert indigenous healers. This ceremony is for people into self-discovery that can lead them in a spiritual awakening.

The sacred medicine plant known as the vine of soul has been used since immemorial times, knowledge passed by generations are still our strongest medicine to help people from all over world.

Before taking this ceremony, you need to follow a strict diet, that we will let you know, before and after ceremony, This Cusco Peru Shamanic Healing ritual, is absolutely leaded by an authentic expert Peruvian Shaman.

Most of our retreat, ceremonies; can be arranged just a day on advance, but we only have couple of shamans working with our project, and our priests live far away from Cusco city, so we need to request them to come to the city, at least 01 day on advance: if you want more info about our shamanic wedding ritual, let us a message.

For More Cusco Shamanic Healing, Peru shamanic retreats In Cusco; send us a message, requesting the specific ritual that you want for you, we will feedback ASAP.


  • Tourist transport from Cusco to the place of rituals.
  • Real Andean shaman (02 masters for groups over 08 people).
  • English speaking professional tour guide.
  • All offerings and ornaments used for the ceremony.
  • Flowers, drinks, coca leaves, for the ceremony etc.
  • tourist transport to return to Cusco.


  • Meals.
  • Fee for visited places





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