Weight Loss Trekking Peru

Fitness Hiking and Weight Loss Trekking Programs

Weight Loss Trekking Peru: Our Company is called INKA CHALLENGE PERU, our mind is to keep fit and help people to get fit. Thinking on it, we have programs that will help you to reduce weight. It is known that a good exercise followed by correct diet is the best way to lose weight, and the other one is a beauty Doctor.

Lest forget the last part and bring yourself in a wonder word where lose weight and exercise is not a work!! Is more than that. This is our new program that brings you to enjoy Peruvian scenic places in a fitness hiking program. Enjoy hiking by the natural sanctuaries to the archaeological park of Machu Picchu, the program includes visit to inca sites where time woes on better way.

Take our fitness hiking peru programs, and reduce your weight, while visiting interesting places such as machu picchu. We have nutritionists and expert guides to make it possible: we are Weight Loss Trekking Peru operator.

Weight loss trekking peru – Fitness hiking Cusco


Get fit and lose weight in the Andes, the incas heart-land Cusco Peru. Imagine to wake up in a beautiful landscape, have healthy breakfast full of energy and starts perfect outdoors program for losing extra pounds accumulated during the holidays, this is best point start fitness program that shifts your metabolism from storing fat to burning fat.

Integrating high level cardio activities with sound nutrition and detox principles you can see results ranging from substantial weight loss to dramatic increases in fitness, energy and vitality. “Leave it all behind you” Experience yourself as the strong, healthy, vibrant person you’ve always known you are. Let us guide you to that person, all it takes is an investment in yourself.

Your fit path.- in our fitness hiking and trekking programs, you will experience an active full day nature fun and supporting this program is delicious andean foot low, such as quinoa (cero fat all protein), maize or corn “cero fat” amaranth “all protein”, alpaca meat “white meat and low in fat”, delicious breakfast, with fruits and Andean products, adding to this therapeutic massages is like luxurious camping that will drive you to lose many pounds.

Fitness Hiking Programs in the Andes

Fitness: Highly structured day, early morning exercise before breakfast, about 6 – 7 hours trekking, Andean culture history classes, and medicine plants usage to reduce fat.

Nutrition: Delicious calorie-controlled cuisine, local and organic products used for best vitality and energy, naturally cleaning food to assist in de-toxin the body, designed to balance blood sugar and stimulate metabolism, education provided for healthy eating patterns at home.

De-toxin, and distress: Natural hot spring in some camp grounds, therapeutic massages, natural environment providing nurturing and quiet space to aid in deep sleep and rest, gradual physical exercise.

Unique landscapes and the world’s most biodiversity country is what you will find in Cusco – Peru, glaciers, lakes, rivers, cloud forest, lush valleys, highlands and great inca buildings for meditations and a great opportunity to renew, recharge and rejuvenate. Each day brings a different landscape with different elevations to challenge you.

You will experience about 9.0 lbs loss in our first week for men and 5.7 pounds for women. That amounts to 5.7 lbs and 4.2 lbs of fat burned for the men and women respectively! These treks are leaded by knowledgeable guides, professional therapy massage specialists, and dietarian cook.

It is just regular trekking programs we have, but to this some details such as food makes a big difference.
Your will need to build your physical abilities to progress in hiking. If you have never really hiked before then prepare your body for the challenges that lie ahead and start out slowly.

If you are a great swimmer and you think that you are in great condition and could easily trek for hours on end, you can be wrong. Trekking up-and downhill on varying terrains and conditions are pretty specific fitness exercises that strain your body in ways that it may not be used to. Even if you are used to walking strapping a 30-pund back pack will suddenly change your entire experience.

Our loss weight trekking program in Peru lies in slow but steady progress. There no fun in draining yourself to the point of collapse. We have a complete programs followed by organic food, what the body need and there is provided a relax day just at the camp site with non-walk to recover energy.

Remember that we are trekking for health so, it’s alright to push your boundaries but not too far. Everything set on obtainable and measurable goals, and it is part of our enjoyment and we are going to visit out site city, our programs can be set up from 01 week to more, and as a king of hiking degree we are going to visit Machu Picchu. Book this tours as Weight Loss Trekking Peru.


  • Meals Included: Complete Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.
  • Clean and healthy food cook..
  • Trek difficulty 1st week: Medium.
  • Total distance Covered: 50 km (30 miles).
  • Accommodation: Hotel & tents.
  • Fitness Hiking Guide.
  • Professional Nutritionist.
  • Med doctor check before, and after.
  • Fee for visited places.
  • Transport form cusco to the start point of the trek.
  • Train from Machu Picchu to Sacred Valley.
  • Transport from sacred valle to Cusco.


  • Sleeping bag: (Available for hire at our office).
  • 1st day breakfast, Lunch on the last day: after the guided tour at Machupicchu, you can enjoy free time





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