Raqchi Village Homestay

Raqchi Village Homestay, Ceramics Making in Cusco

Raqchi is a nice village located at 3,650 m, at the east of Cusco,), in Sicuani province right by the place where is located the temple of Wiracocha (Inca’s main good), land of potatoes, corn, home of farmers and ceramic specialists, at 03 hours in public transport from Cusco.

The people in this village are quiet and happy, town usually visited by many foreigners. The main language of the locals is the inka language (quechua = Runa Simi). This tours is an excellent opportunity to learn some of this language; by the other hand, it´s festivities are very worth to see, original musicians and dancers are seen in carnival seasons, the farming activity is also something very top to be involved.

available only in private service: Departure from Cusco.


information about Raqchi Village Homestay, Ceramics Making in Cusco

There is no a fix itinerary to describe, because we will get adjusted to the villagers activity who always have thing to do. But let us to know what you are most interested in, so we can find the family to assist you.

How to get there:
Raqchi is at the main way from Cusco to puno, there are 3 times a day buses leaving to Cusco, there are also many local buses to sicuani, the other transport option is the tourist transport departing from Cusco at 7:00am and stops at several inca sites before arriving to Raqchi. But no worries, if you book it with us, we include a transport and a transfer personnel who with introduce you to the family.

Things to do and see:
These place offers many things to do and see at raqchi. The highlight of the place is the handicrafts making, you can learn with the villagers how to make ceramic plates, cups, and others, that at the end of the day you can bring it at home. There is also a visit to the temple of wiracocha where you can see nice inca walls, a small lake built with stones.

Nature, hiking, being involved in the andean custom. Raqchi shows a nice highland valley, land of Lamas, alpacas, caws, horses and sheep that are herded by the locals, at the place there is also mountains. If you are going up to the mountains, there is always person who will escort you, on the way back you can bring the Andean grass named icchu for making adobe brick and also food for guinea pigs.

The other activities are the farming, as all the andean villages at raqchi still keep intact all their farming techniques, in the lower lands bulls are used to farm, in the mountains inka foot plow named runa chaqui.

Meals: about meals you have to be ready to get healthy food, with delicious potatoes with no chemicals, in the kitchen you can also see guinea pigs which are delicious meal prepared only in birthdays and special celebrations.

About facilities?
Do not worry, there is: Local Transport every hour.
Telephone service.
Medical assistance service.

Feel free to contact us and we can give you more information.
These programs are available for individuals or groups, available from 1 day, up to more days.
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  • Tourist Transport from Cusco to Raqchi.
  • English speaking tour guide.
  • meals according itinerary.
  • Homestay accommodation.
  • Hot Shower.
  • Return to Cusco.


  • Fee for visited places.
  • Extras non mentioned in the Itinerary.





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