Peruvian Andes Trekking

Peruvian Andes trekking, explore Huaraz mountains

Peruvian Andes trekking: Explore Huaraz mountains with INKA CHALLENGE PERU. we captured the spirit, and experience of the journey hikes, through the Cordillera Blanca, one of the most exceedingly awe-inspiring mountain range in the world. We will trek by the less frequented trails, skipping out from the busy tourist circuits, walk by where the local villagers, still keep their traditional lifestyle since centuries.

The Cordillera Blanca (White Mountain range), is accented by its deep valleys, with mountain dwellers earthen-made homes, alpaca, pristine clear running rivers, residing under the spiraling white covered glaciated Andean peaks. Experience natural pristine setting first hand, as it has remained essentially unchanged since the Chavin culture times 1000 BC, since our hiking tour does not cover all in one trip, here we have made 2 choices.

This Olleros-Chavin trekking, leads by head south through Huascaran National Park, following one of the pre-Inca trail systems, from one side of the Cordillera Blanca, to the other crossing over the high mountain pass, Yanashallash ((4700m/13,780 ft). For three days and two nights See snow fields, lakes (laguna), unique Andean wildlife in their natural environment.

You will have the opportunity to experience the cultural interaction, and exchange with the local mountain people as you capture, through contemplation and photos, the beautiful Andean landscapes, concluding your trekking tour, at the ancient Temple of Chavin.

Are you looking for another peruvian andes tour, but but in cusco region? then look at our Ancascocha Trek Program.

Peruvian Andes trekking, 2 options


Optio 1: Cordillera Blanca Hike, Olleros to Chavin Trek

Day 1: Huaraz – Olleros – Sacracancha: Our trekking of Peru central andes, starts with collection from hotel, and drive through the the Callejón de Huaylas,, for about 40 minutes to the tiny picturesque village of Olleros (oh year oos), where we will meet up our llamas, or donkeys. After our Arrieros (pack animal driver). load our gear & supplies; we begin our trek heading towards Sacracancha (4080m/13,386ft), stopping for lunch along the Rio Negro (black river).

At the end of our first day, we have had walked about 5 hours, observing scenic views (8kms/5miles), and then camp our first night, at Sacracancha  which is a beautiful lake, with the views of the peaks of Shaqsha, Uruashraju, Rurec and Tuctupunta.

Day 2: Sacracancha – Shoncopampa: After a hearty breakfast we will begin our approximately 3 hour trek ,ascending up to Yanashallash pass (4700m/13,380ft), from where you will be strategically positioned, to fully appreciate the spiraling peaks of Huantsan (6395m/20,981ft), Rurec (5700m/18,701ft) and Uruashraju (5722m/18,773ft).

Watching closely you may see; the rare Andean Condor soar effortlessly overhead. From the top of Yanashallash pass, you will potentially be able to view, our pre-Inca stone trail descending down in switch-backs (zig-zags).

As we cross over at this point, from the valleys of Callejon de Huaylas, to the Callejon de Conchucos; we will then head in the valley, where the ancient Chavin de Huantar Temple is located. From this point we will trek for 2 or 3 more hours, to get our second campsite in Shoncopampa (3850m/12,631ft), after trekking a total of 13 km / 8 miles over 6 – 7 hours.

At Shoncopampa you will probably see local peasant children, seeking treats and just curiously; saying hello. (giving candy to these children, is not recommended nor is it fair to them, since they do not have access to dentist; pens and/or paper are valued, and appreciated by them).

Day 3: Shoncopampa – Chavin de Huantar- Huaraz: After an enjoyable breakfast, we leave our camp at Shoncopampa, and continue descending down following the ancient, and historic Inca trail system, towards Chavin.

By early afternoon after trekking 11 kms/6.8 miles, in approximately 5 to 6 hours, we will finish our trek as we arrive at the archaeological site of Chavín de Huántar, situated at 3150m/10,335ft. Here we will enjoy, few hours of exploring the temples, and courtyards of this ancient structure, that is from around 1500 to 300 BC.

We’ll end up our trip, with a short visit to Quercos’ thermal baths, before our private transportation returns us to Huaraz. On the way back to Huaraz, we will pass through the Cahish tunnel, the highest elevation tunnel in the world at (4516m/14,816ft) then pass by Laguna Querococha (3980m/13,058ft) before arriving back at your hotel at 9:00 PM.

Option 2: Cordillera Huayhuash – Huaraz Trek: short trek 6 days

As 2nd option of, Peru andes trekking, we have the Huayhuash short trek of 6 days, considered an special mini version version of the classic Huayhuash trek circuit. The 6 days adventure trekking program, takes you through the heart to the remote Cordillera Huayhuash mountain range, it combines nature, and archaeology, Huanuco Pampa archeological complex is fantastic, and one of the most important ones in Huaraz Area, cam enjoy it with native professional guides.

Day 1: Huaraz / Huanuco Pampa: After breakfast, in your hotel in Huaraz town; we pick you up in our private transportation, and drive south to Huanuco Pampa. During our drive to Huanuco Pampa you’ll pass traditional Andean towns, with typical Quechua homes, and rich farmland. You’ll have great views towards the east of the Cordillera Blanca mountain range, and towards the west you’ll see the Cordillera Negra mountain range.

We’ll continue with this itinerary, driving up to Conococha Lake (Cocha is Quechua meaning lake) at 4080m/13,386ft then continue on the road up to Huanuco Pampa. Arriving in the afternoon, you’ll visit and explore the Huanuco Pampa archeological site. Overnight 6 hours drive.

Day 2: Huanuco Pampa /Carhuacocha: Today we’ll start early, and continue driving to Queropalca village, where our donkey drivers, and donkeys awaits us to load our equipment. We begin our hike on a gradual ascent, up along the open valley, passing close to Andean farm lands, meet the local high mountain Quechua people, and enjoy a tremendous view of the mountains of Yerupaja, Siula Grande and Jirishanca that come into view as we reach Carhuacocha 4150m/13,615ft..

This lake is one of the most beautiful aqua-blue colored lakes in the Cordillera Huayhuash. We’ll camp overnight beside Carhuacocha Lake. 3 hours drive/4 hours hike.

Day 3: Carhuacocha / Mitucocha: On our third day we reach the first pass of our trek named Carhuac Pass 4650m/15,256ft. The ascent is a constant on a gradual climb up, for approximately 3 hours, from where you’ll have the first view of the beautifully stunning peaks of Yerupaja, Siula Grande and Jirishanca.

From this vantage point, we’ll descend to our next campsite at Mitucocha Lake at 4250m/13,944ft. Here we will camp overnight beside this lake enjoying a stunning view of Rondoy, Mitaraju and Ninashanca peaks. Afternoon walk around the lake or you may choose just to rest. 5 hour hike.

Day 4: Mitucocha / Rondoy Valley: Today we ascend again to the Punta Cacanan Pass at 4700m/15,420ft, where we again enjoy panoramic views of the valley.

There are two options to reach; the pass and it depends on the hikers’ level of fitness, on which option they and the group may choose. (Mini-option one is hiking on a normal trail, that leads us along the valley, then includes a gradual climb up to reach the pass). (Mini-option two) represents a steep climb up on a lesser used, steeper trail.

With option 2, as we gain increased altitude there are astonishing panoramic views of the surrounding Andean mountains.

The Option 2, is a challenging hike but well worth it because of the stunning mountain views. Fewer trekkers choose this alternative route but we offer you both options. From the pass we descend to Cuartelhuain 4180m/13,714 ft then continue hiking down the valley to reach the Rondoy Valley. We’ll camp overnight at the entrance of the Rondoy Valley. 6-7 hours hike

Day 5: Rondoy Valley / Jahuacocha: On day 5 of our trek, we ascend another steep climb up the Rondoy Valley towards the Rondoy Pass 4750m/15,541ft. During today’s hike, we pass through a lot of lupines, and as we gain altitude we see the impressive view of Rondoy Peak. After a 3-4 hour hike, we reach the Rondoy Pass at 4700m/15,420ft. From this point we continue to reach the second pass, Sambuya, at 5659m.

From this vantage point, you will have astonishing dramatic views, of the surrounding mountains like Solteracocha Lake, a beautiful aqua blue colored glacier lake just below.

After enjoying this impressive view, we descend to our final campsite at Jahuacocha Lake 4050m/13,615ft which is a beautiful large lake sitting in the Jahuacocha valley with the impressive views of Rondoy, Jirishanca, El Toro and Yerupaja as a backdrop and truly, along with the Carhuacocha camp site, one of the most impressive campsites in the Peruvian Andes. 6-7 hours hike.

Day 6: Jahuacocha / Llamac / Huaraz: We’ll complete our 6 day mini trek, by hiking down the Jauacocha Valley for approximately 45 minutes, and then ascend up to the Llamac Pampa at 4300m/14,108ft with its great close up view of the Huayhuash Mountain range as a backdrop.

After resting here and enjoying the close views of the peaks, and taking some great panoramic photos, we’ll then make a long descent, to the village of Llamac, where our private transport will be waiting, to take you back to your hotel in huaraz town, where ends our Peru Andes Trekking tour (5 hours hike and 5 hours drive).


  • Transfers from Huaraz city to trek start point.
  • Complete Meals during the trek.
  • Peruvian Andes trekking tour Guide.
  • Camping equipment (tent, mattresses, chair, dinning tent).
  • Trekking cook (expert in Andean meals and gourmet).
  • Horses and muleteers to manage the horses.
  • Fee for the circuit.
  • Emergency horse.
  • First Aid kit
  • All our trash produced during the trek, returns to Huaraz.


  • Sleeping bag.
  • First day breakfast and last day Dinner.





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