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Salkantay Sacred Valley Trek

Salkantay to the Inca stones quarry and sacred Valley Trek

The salkantay to inca stones quarry, is one of our fantastic new adventure trekking tour in cusco, peru. It takes you by impressive mountains, it’s an Adventure tour specially prepared for people who loves hiking new and non-frequented paths, the trek is quiet and habited by the Quechua speaking people who even keeps many Inka customs, this new trek in peru, is still intact, that in a comparison with the famous Inca trail to Machu picchu it not frequented by many travelers. This trek is offered only by few companies. The wild fauna and flora of this ancascocha variant offers to visitors, beautiful highland Valleys, snow-covered picks such as: (Salkantay, Second High Mountain in Cusco 6.271m.a.s.l. Tucarhuay, Humantay, Huayanay and others). In the this new trekking tour you will see the original Inca trails missed in to the mountains, covered by the grass but still well preserved, we will walk on this trail, from here we reach the famous inca stone quarry that was the place from where native Peruvian used to extract the lithic pieces to build ollantaytambo. (If you want to extend your trip to machu picchu, we can take train from ollanta, spend the night in aguas calientes and the following day do the macho picchu tour), book this tour as: Salkantay Sacred Valley Trek.
Trek available only in private service: Daily departures.

Salkantay to sacred valley hike

Day 01: Cusco – Marco Ccasa – Salkantay Pampa: The salkantay sacred valley trek program starts with the transfer from your hotel in cusco and transfer to the trail start point “05:00 am” previously we’ll stop at Mollepata “the last town on the way” the drive to this point takes about 2 hours, then we continue by our transport to marco ccasa which has an impressive landscape view (only few people start at this point, 99% of hikers will start at mollepata and follow different path). At the beginning we start with slight climb, it’s very common to see on the way various plants, native birds, then the trail arrives in to a section where we will by a gentle path that is mostly level walk beside a communitarian irrigation canal, further on we arrive in to a view point that will amaze you with the view of salkantay mount, at 13:00 hours we arrive to Soraypampa where we lunch. After lunch the trail continues by a balley and we arrive to salkantay pampa, it is a quiet camp ground where we set up our tents and spend the night at 400m. We dinner and spend the night in a quietest camp where may not be another groups.
(Trek difficulty: Medium. Total distance: 16 km. Estimated walking time: 6 – 7 hours).

Day 02: Salkantay pampa – inca chiriaska – Chachani Ccasa. The cooler morning temperatures will be excellent to ascend and summit the highest and toughest part of this trek. We wake up at around 05: 00 in the morning and after breakfast we start walking by an uphill trail towards the highest pass “Inkachiriasca” which is at 5.100 m,from this point we can over view the amazing landscapes of the area, such the closely impetuous snow-capped salkantay “known as the sacred mountain since ancient times”, passing this place we will take the proper new trekking in trail, first we get Toqtoqasa by an easy downhill, then we continue by narrow and straw covered trail, this takes approximately four hours to the camp site which is at 3900m.a.s.l.
(Trek Difficulty: Challenge Hard. Total distance: 12 km. Estimated walking time: 7 – 8 hours).

Day 03: Chachaniq´asa – Occoruro: After early breakfast we will reinitiate our beautiful walk. From breakfast we start a gentle uphill path, then goes by a downhill path by straw grass, the landscapes are beautiful as usual, we may see villages very far on the hills with the metal ruffs that are shinny because of the sunshine. All the journey is about 7 hours walk. If we are lucky we can observe the flight of condors that they come from time to time, but for sure we will see eagles and many Andean animals; our camp site is in a really quiet and cozy place that is surrounded by mountains at 3800m. At around 19 hours we serve delicious hot soup, followed by the main course. After dinner you can spend some time outside watching the shooting stars, then sleep.
(Trek Difficulty: Challenge Hard. Total distance: 9 km (5.6 miles). Estimated walking time: 6 -7 hours).

Day 04: Occoruro – Accocasa – wayanay – anacascocha: After nutritious breakfast we start our journey towards the Accoqasa pass 4700m, all the trail is uphill and takes about three hour, the summit offer a great wide 360º view, place from where we can see using binocular the famous Inca trail which leads to Machu picchu, mountain glacier mounts such as Salkantay, Humantay. From here a gentle path lead us to the lunch place. After lunch there is another pass, it is the Huayanay pass which is at 4600m, from where we can see the famous Huacaywillka “veronica” (Sacred Tears), from here the trail leads by the old inca trail that is well preserved, down below we will see the Blue lake “Ancascocha Lagoon” where we’ll see some torrent ducks, Huallatas (Andean geese = Chloephaga melanoptera) and many others that migrates from different places. Then following the inca trail we arrive to our camp that is at a stream in a quiet camp where we may be the only hikers over 3800m.
(Trek Difficulty: Challenge. Total distance: 15 km (5.56 miles). Estimated walking time: 8 -9 hours).

Day 5: Ancascocha – Chancachucu – Cachi Ccata. The walk after breakfast follows the inca trail that once has been used to go to machu picchu, after about one hour and a half we reach an small river named kenqo mayu, then go about 20 minutes uphill and once again follow a path that is known only by few tour guides. The train is nice and the view fantastic, we will arrive to an inca fence for llamas and alpacas named chancachucu, where we lunch beside a clear water stream. From Lunch we follow the stream and arrive in to a small canyon named punkuyoc, the trail goes downhill and after a level walk trail for an hour, then switchbacks will takes us to the inca channel, from here we have a level path and arrive to qorihuayrachina that is at a lookout point where we see an inca building and worship area, From here we descend to cachi qata where we spend the night at 3800m.
(Trek Difficulty: Medium. Total distance: 16 km. Estimated walking time: 8 hours).

Day 6: Qorihuayrachina – Inca´s stone quarry (cachi qáta) – Cusco. After breakfast we will return in time to the incan times and think of how the incas cut the huge rocks and carved on the shape then wanted before they push it down to a platform from where by a road they used to transport the enormous rocks. The area is big and there are hundreds of stones that were ready to transport, also we are going to see a cave formed by rock were those workers who passed away were buried, some skeletons are still possible to see on the way to the platform we’ll see over rocks some tombs, that has small gates for ventilation, we walk down to Ollantaytambo where we will lunch. After we take our private transport back to Cusco. (For people who are extending their tour to Machu Picchu we catch train that will arrive in to the town in about 1.2 hours).
(Trek Difficulty: Medium. Total distance: 7 km (3.28 miles). Estimated walking time: 4 hours. Lowest point: 2800m).

  • Transfer from hotel to bus stop, bus mollepata Marco Ccasa the trek start point.
  • 04 season tents in double occupancy (4-people-capacity tent), it allows higher comfort, 3-season tents, new, highly maintained for excellent performance in field.
  • Complete meals during trek, breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Dinning tent with tables and chairs, Kitchen tent, Toilet tent.
  • Expert trekking, english speaking professional tour guide.
  • Cook and cooking equipment.
  • Horses (to carry tents, food and cooking equipment) and muleteers to manage them.
  • Days 1 to 3, accommodation tents including our guides, cook / muleteers.
  • Emergency horse if someone needs during trek.
  • First-aid kit including emergency oxygen bottle (safety in salkantay hike).
  • Private transport from Ollantay Tambo to Cusco.
  • Sleeping bag (the trek has one cold camp site).
  • Optional Extension to Machu Picchu.