Private rainbow mountain tour

Private rainbow mountain tour, Vinicunca day trip

Rainbow mountain tour, is a trip that depart from cusco city, it’s one of our favorite hikes. Located at the ausangate mountains range, over 5000 meters above sea level, at the east from the city, this peak is also known as Vinicunca, considered sacred by the locals; reason by which the locals go in a pilgrimage and  do shamanic offerings close by (they bury offerings consisting in natural products).

This is an amazing mountain, that has several colors, offers a wonderful 360 degrees view, many colored summits, mostly reddish, and it is a land of llamas and alpacas as well, where we will see many of them along the way.

There are several itineraries to this place; from day tours, and treks that starts at different places; one of the new, and fantastic itinerary, is the one that starts at Tinqui, it includes 2 nights camping.

Our Private rainbow mountain tour is one of the best day programs we have in the region. with optional early departure we guarantee, that we can get there first, or later departure to be the last ones, at the top of vinicunca and enjoy it, without the crowds.

We do as well trekking trips such as the salkantay trek, Choquequirao Trek, etc.


Rainbow Mountain Tour Itinerary

The journey starts with an early meet up in your hotel, and drive in a private transport towards east, after about 3 hours drive, you’ll reach a highland settlement, which is the last settlement near the vinicunca, the settlement is at“4,426m / 14520ft”, it is recently populated by the muleteers (villagers who offer horses to ride), they farm llamas and alpacas; they found new way of getting their income, they rent their horses to visitors, and pull the horses.

Before hiking to the Vinicunca, we’ll see at the trail heat, something interesting, the locals wearing their traditional  clothes (colorful handmade textiles), wait in line-up, to pull horses in case you want to hire. we will walk towards our destination, during this hike we will cover about 5 kilometers.

Along the hike we will see nice mountains covered by, highland grass named Icchu, see llamas, alpacas and locals with colorful dress, the trail is gentle uphill and some small steep part, as we gain altitude we can start seeing reddish color summits, after about 1.5 hours we finally summit the Vinicunca view point “5,000m / 16, 404 ft” approximately.

The view is magnificent, several summits are white because of snow, the others are red there is time to explore the area, and climb up to a higher point, for unique pictures, then after enjoying it, we will return, since we did all uphill , now the trail is all gentle downhill, we will arrive to our village, and have lunch made by our cook, after lunch we will board our exclusive transport and return to the city, arriving back at around 18:00 hrs.

At arrival our guide will escort you to your hotel, where the private adventure ends.

We have daily departures; no minimum or maximum needed, as optional, we can depart later earlier to be the 1st ones on the top, or depart later be the last hikers, and enjoy more.

We can do a combo trip as well, from rainbow mountain tour to the inca bridge, then we can depart earlier, this allow us to enjoy the fresh morning at the mountain top, and to be the 1st ones.

The journey is set in private service, we have discounts for groups .


  • Tourist transport.
  • Professional English speaking guide.
  • Meals: Lunch “Vegetarian option available.
  • Fee for the park.
  • First Aid Kit and emergency Oxygen.


  • Horse for riding (extra price to be agreed with the muleteers)
  • Drinks.





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